Ayurveda Rasayana Therapy Rejuvenation Antiageing Benefits


Rasayana Therapy

Rasayana Tantra is among the eight big branches of Ashtanga Ayurveda.

It is one of the significant procedures of demonstration of rejuvenation and antiageing.

Rasayana Rejuvenation


Sushruta our ancient Guru of Ayurveda, has described a healthy person as one who has
सम दोष: सम अग्नि: च सम धातु मल क्रिया
प्रसन्न आत्म इन्द्रिय बल: स्वस्थ इति अभिधीयते।
●Sam dosha balanced dosh vata pitta kafa
Sam Agni balanced Agni or metabolic fire
Sam Dhatu balanced seven Dhatus or body tissues
Sam Malkriya   Regular Excretion of waste products
The present modern definition of wellness can also be the same


“Health is a state of complete physical, psychological and social well-being and not merely absence of illness.” (W.H.O.)


Importance for Rejuvenation and Antiageing

Rasayana Stands as a solution to fix the issue of healthy longevity, for example, mental development and immunity against illness.
That’s the reason why
Thid was included among the eight big branches of Ashtang Ayurveda.
This rejuvenation treatment will help


  •  to promote and maintain health,
  •  endurance in the wholesome, and also
  • to heal disorders in sick.


Most of us would like to appear forever youthful and improve our lifespan by remaining fit,
Rasayans or vitalizes, do the exact same.
They replenish the very important fluids of the body, thus preventing us from ailments.
 It denotes the nourishment and its transport within the human body.
Such a condition of enhanced nutrition is promised to result in a run of secondary features like
  • longevity,
  • immunity against diseases, psychological proficiency
  • and delaying of ageing.


This therapy is really what raises the quality of every Dhatu, beginning from Rasa to rakt, means, med asthi, majja and Shukra.
Taking Rasayana helps to boost the immunity of individual to keep him away from ailments.
 The individual becomes strong and healthy
.Literally this the expression  describes the way of getting the best nutrition to the Dhatu.
The term  consists of two phrases
Ras + Ayan.
Rasa means nourishing fluid
Ayan means pathway
The way by which one has the excellence of Rasa (The digestive fluid that is generated immediately after digestion) is popularly called Rasayana.
Besides the excellence of Rasa, the person is endowed with Psychic excellence such as sharp memory, by virtue of treatment therapy.

Benefits of Therapy

◆It is supposed to nourish blood (रक्त), lymph(रस), flesh(मांस), adipose tissue, bones(मज़्ज़ा) and semen(शुक्र), and thus prevent freedom from chronic degenerative disorders like Arthritis and disease of brain disorders and enhance our immune system.
◆It is thought to improve metabolic processes in the body that results in the best possible production of the best quality body tissue and delay ageing and prevention of other diseases of old age.
◆this theray which has a marked action on sexual organs are called Vrishy (वृष्य)
 as Shukra Dhatu is best nourished by it.
◆This therapy builds natural resistance against infection, Increases immunity, which prevents any type of autoimmune disorders
◆This therapy reduces the oxidative stress and reduces the free radical injury and delay ageing.
This therapy emphasize a particular meaning.
Medicines, diet and regimens which encourage endurance by delaying ageing and preventing ailments are known as Rasayana.
The expression Rasa has a different meaning here.
In the current circumstance, it means that
our body fluid that’s accountable for the nourishment of the body.
 Impairment of flow of the body fluid ends in diseases.
This body fluid of great quality shouldn’t only exist in sufficient quantity, but in addition, it ought to have the ability to permeate (circulate) throughout the several cells of the human body to supply the sort of nourishment they want.
It is a technical kind of therapy influencing the basic human anatomy
 This Chikitsa promotes the ojus and immune system.
 Ojas is the end product of metabolism, to explain people who maintain very good health in all seasons and all phases of life.  It’s similar to getting a top rank at a bodily or psychological fitness.
Ojus provides
  • a glowing appearance,
  • sharp memory,
  • higher functionality and each anticipated pleasure.


Role in body

It can be given to healthy individuals, to improve tissues,
 as well as the sick, for better immune resistance.
 The first step is a purification of the body by various purification techniques called Panchakarma.
Afterwards, herbal formulations are given.
There are many types of this therapies and the innumerable herbal combinations. These can be provided to the person of any age and gender under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician.

Modern technology helps us to understand the cell biology and enabled us to assess the effects of Rasayana therapy at a cellular level.

Its found that popularly used Rasayana herbs like ashwagandha and Shatavari support cellular integrity and protection.
Brahmi and Tulsi have shown adaptogenic activity-meaning they intelligently adapt to the individual’s needs.
This therapy may affect lifestyle and age-related diseases.
So, friends, Rasayana therapy is a very special branch of Ayurveda that
  • teaches us the ways to remain healthy, physically as  well as mentally
  • Teaches us the ways to improve from a chronic disease.
  • Teaches us the ways for long life.


So stay tuned friends.
It was just the introduction. In coming articles, we will discuss these ways in detail, one by one, for a long, happy and healthy life.
Eat healthy, stay healthy
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