Best Benefits of Drinking water for weight loss and Skin care

Benefits of Water
Drinking water

Benefits of Drinking water

Benefits Of Drinking Water

Dear friends, today lets discuss Best benefits of drinking Water, its all benefits for weight loss and skin care and many more as it is precious for us . We have so many benefits by consuming it like, it helps us in weight loss, keep our skin fresh and helps to keep away acne, promotes digestion and so on. We can’t survive without it.70℅ of our body is made up of water.

Every one of us already knows the benefits of water even then I am explaining this to you all, as just yesterday my niece Mantisha texted me about her constant gastric upset. After interrogation, I found that she doesn’t take enough water in routine. Her daily consumption is just 100 to 200ml.I was shocked that our young generation is so much busy for opting a better career that she doesn’t feel the desire for water. Her brain stimulus of satiety is ignored due to her busyness in her studies and ultimately that becomes a routine and now her answer is I don’t feel thirst, so why I don’t drink it.

Busyness is a separate issue but if we will not take care of our body, all study or a good career is of no use as nothing is as precious as our HEALTH

Benefits of Drinking water
Also in today’s weather which is getting colder, our liquid consumption is decreasing. It was noticed by me last week when one of my close friends was gripped by renal stone pain, I advised her ultrasound, there were crystals of stone, that was the starting phase of stone but it precipitates the problem as she was not consuming her daily sufficient intake of H2O due to cold weather.
So by these two instances nearby me, I am influenced to write down a few major benefits of water so that in spite of our knowledge about it, you should be motivated to consume sufficient amount of it even in winters.

How it is beneficial in many ways for our life?

●It helps in metabolic reactions in the body thus regulating all the body functions from digestion to the nervous system.

●Relieves fatigue

 Sufficient amount of it keeps our body to function properly, while dehydration decreases concentration and alertness of mind.

●Improves weight loss.

Drinking it helps to fill up us and suppress our appetite. In fact, a new study shows that drinking 250 to 400 ml of H2O before eating leads to more weight loss.
Flushes out toxins
It is a detoxifier and it helps to flush out toxins from our body and get rid of waste primarily through sweat and urine.

Promotes healthy skin.

It helps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes skin, and increases the elasticity in our skin. It can also plump up the skin, reducing signs of ageing.

●Beats bad breath

Drinking it keeps our mouth moist and washes away food particles and bacteria. It also dilutes the smelly compounds that oral bacteria can create.

●Helps to relieve headaches and migraines.

Headaches and migraines are often caused by dehydration. So, to get some relief, we should drink plenty of it
●Improves mood
Drinking it can improve our mood and ability to think. Even mild dehydration can have a negative impact on how we feel, so be sure to keep sipping it throughout the day.
●Regulates body temperature.
Its ability to release heat from the body
●Keeps us Alive
In some condition, we can survive without food but we are unable to survive without it.
So friends, in spite of a busy lifestyle, adopt a healthy option to drink at least 2-4 liters of clean H2O as per your weather conditions to keep you refresh and enhancing your weight loss goal and to get a healthy skin as well as good digestion.
I hope this article will be helpful for you, especially during these winters to trigger your sufficient water intake per day.

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Drink Water, Feel Good
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