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Carom Seeds or Ajwain, is an instant and efficient home remedy, for weight loss and most of the digestive problems such as nausea, indigestion, stomach pain, flatulence, etc, as described in Ayurveda.

It is a commonly used spice, having a lot of health benefits.

Carom Seeds for Weightloss

Let’s discuss in detail about the home remedies of this wonderful spice found in every home.

Carom Seeds as A Home Remedy

It’s true and we have seen in our day to day experience that chewing some carom seeds, following a heavy meal, helps digestion of meals quite easily and provides immediate relief from the heaviness of the stomach.

Treating digestive problems is the main property of these seeds, also these have many other health benefits and medicinal values.

Hindi Meaning

It is known  in Sanskrit as

Ugra gandha, where

Ugra– powerful,

Gandha– odor

because of the strong smell that we can very easily feel.

These seeds possess a pungent flavor, using a somewhat bitter undertone. Its flavor is similar to oregano.

Why  Carom seeds are so unique?
Carom Seeds Benefits

●Benefits of these seeds may be credited to biochemicals such as Thymol, Para-cymene, α- pinene, β-pinene, γ-terpinene.

●These volatile oils are liable for their medicinal properties.

●These biochemicals have the property of dealing with the digestive troubles.

●Along with reducing flatulence, it also acts as antibacterial, antiseptic, cure cholera, prevent kidney ailments and helps to lose weight, act on acne and pimples for faster relief.

The best use is to utilize it  to cure gastrointestinal problems

It works to balance Pitta Dosha in our body, the main cause of digestive problems if imbalanced and helps to alleviate vata and kafa dosha.

Regular consumption of it may help to cure many digestive difficulties.

Number 1

Weight loss

It is very effective in weight loss, as having hot potency, it helps to calm extra Vata dosha, one of the reasons for fluffiness of body,

secondly, as carom seeds improve digestion, so less ama will be deposited in our cells, metabolism will be up, and there will be no fat depositions in the body, as food will be metabolized in a proper way, producing energy and no fat.

Effective Home Remedies for weight loss

◆Soak one teaspoon full of seeds overnight, in a glass of water.

Strain in the morning.
Add a half teaspoon of honey and sip.
Use regularly to get results.

◆Take  1 TSF roasted seeds
And       1 TSF roasted fennel
Boil in 2 cups of water for 7-8 minutes.

Strain and sip on empty stomach.

◆ Take 250 mg of ajwain, roast and store in an airtight container after cooling.
Take 1/2 tablespoon, half a before breakfast with warm water.

Practice any one of these home remedies regularly to get desirable effects for weight loss.

Number 2

To balance Pitta Dosha

Lunch should include carom seeds in it to pacify Pitta dosha since the degree of pitta dosha is greater in the afternoon.

If you can’t incorporate it in your meals, you always have the option to chew on, a few after you complete your meal.

Number 3

To restrain acidity and indigestion.

It is a fantastic organic antacid.  It’s beneficial for the gut and provides relief into the mucous membranes of the gut from hyperacidity.

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Home remedy for hyperacidity

◆Taking 1 teaspoon of carom seeds together with a pinch of black salt is a great home
remedy to deal with hyperacidity.

◆You may also boil 1 teaspoon of these in 1 cup of water for 3 to 4 minutes.  Strain the mixture and drink when it’s cooled down for relief in acidity and indigestion.

◆By taking the mix of a teaspoon of, these together with some dry ginger powder, you can get relief from acidity and acid reflux.

Number 4

Carom Seeds For gas and bloating

The most usual cause of bloating and stomach distension is excess gas accumulation in the gut.

Ajwain, in addition to different herbs, promotes the removal of gas and prevents excessive gas formation.

◆If the problem is moderate, then ajwain alone could be enough to cure this ailment.

If the problem is annoying you.

◆Taking 1 teaspoon of it together with a pinch of black pepper 3 times, following each meal provides complete relief from gas and bloating.

Number 5

Carom Seeds as Mouth Freshener

Eat these seeds itself, or make a combination of roasted Carom and Fennel seeds at equivalent quantity to chew on after each meal.

This will be a helpful preventative treatment for several digestive difficulties and this mix also functions as a mouth freshener.

Different Techniques to integrate into cooking

UsesThis in powdered form is frequently utilized in a variety of recipes in India due to its powerful aromatic essence.

●Most Indian spices are medications which fulfill both the role of adding flavor in addition to being great for health.

It is generally used in deep-fried foods, in Indian cooking, to assist easy digestion

●When added to protein-rich dishes such as legumes, lentils it alleviates the digestion.

Carom seeds can be added while baking different sorts of bread such as regular bread, pita bread, Indian roti, paratha or naan. It’s my onfavoriteurite style, to add these in my stuffed roti for breakfast.

●Always use freshly ground powder of carom seeds to fully utilize the volatile oils within it.

●You can use spice crushers such as mortar and pestle to create a freshly ground powder of this.

Precautions to be taken to consume Carom Seeds to avoid side effects.
Side Effects

It should be taken in moderation being hot potency in nature.

◆Restrict the consumption of carom seeds to 2 tsp per day as the surplus of it may aggrasvate pitta 
◆Because of this hot potency of this,  when taken in excessive quantity it may have opposite effects like increased acidity, burning sensation and mouth ulcer.

◆You Shouldn’t consume ajwain if you suffer from these conditions:

●Stomach ulcer,
●Internal bleeding,
●Ulcerative colitis (acute stage ),
Mouth ulcer

Although having so many benefits for various digestive problems, one thing it ought to be mentioned here that ajwain doesn’t work in constipation, rather it can worsen the condition.

In such cases, increase water consumption, take more fibre and you may need some laxatives like Trifla powder.

Friends, this was all about Carom seeds or commonly called Ajwain, found in every kitchen.

We all know its benefits life is so busy, so the reminder is necessary so that you can have a calm night sleep, by consuming a few seeds of it, after enjoying some party.

In my daily practice, I use it in liquid form as Ark Ajwain, for my patients.

Also, carom seeds are included as the main ingredient in many digestive liver tonics.

Eat healthy Stay healthy.

Stay tuned.

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