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A Superfood Carrot

Carrots Benefits-Carrot is a root vegetable, easily available, loaded with a lot of nutrients, crunchy, tasty highly beneficial super food and Ayurvedic herb for us to be consumed in winters.

Carrots Nutritional Benefits

Carrots Nutritional Facts

Let’s know something about the constitution that makes Carrots Benefits

◆Carrot is made up of about 90% of water

◆It contains only 10% of carbohydrates

◆Lots of fiber, pectin it is a soluble fiber and is helpful to lower glucose by

●slowing down the digestion of starch in sugar present in our food

●It is also able to feed the friendly bacteria in our intestine which may result in improved health and reduced risk of illness.

●Also impairs the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive track lowering blood cholesterol levels

●It is also good in constipation as being fiber encourages healthy bowel movements.

◆Nutritional ingredients And Carrot Benefits

Carrots contain a lot of Vitamins particularly

Beta Carotene

that is formed by antioxidant beta-carotene present in the carrot which is converted into vitamin A in the liver.

Vitamin A 

promote good vision and is essential for growth, immunity and very useful for skin.

it delays cell maturation this helps in prevention of cell aging

Biotin which is helpful in converting food to energy

Vitamin K this is helpful in blood coagulation and is very good for bone health

Vitamin B6 that is helpful in protein metabolism

Potassium that is an essential nutrient high blood pressure

●Along with beta-carotene carrots also have carotenoids another antioxidant helpful to enhance  immunity functions and decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases and different types of cancers

Carrots Benefits Improves skin glow

Good for skin aging and antioxidants present protects the skin from sunlight damage.

●Deficiency of Vitamin A is responsible for the dryness of skin Nails and hair.

●It also prevents wrinkles send and an uneven skin tone

●As we have discussed earlier vitamin A helps to delay skin cells maturation does have a good effect on ageing of the skin

●Due to its good action on the skin, it can also be helpful in blemishes and scars on the face.

for this carrot pulp can be applied to the skin to clear the blemishes

Carrots Benefits In Hairfall

Helps to reduce hair fall being enriched in vitamins and antioxidants.

◆In the treatment of Cancer

Carrots can be of different colors red, orange, yellow this contains another antioxidant lycopene.

Lycopene, as well as beta-carotene, are helpful in cancer management.

Controls blood sugar

carrots have a low glycemic index

Glycemic index measures how fast food increases blood glucose after a meal

The glycemic index of carrots is
found to be low so these are good even diabetic patients

Carrots Benefits Weightloss

It’s very useful for weight loss as only 100 grams of carrot contains only 40 calories and the fiber present in it keeps us full for a long time.

Health benefits of carrots

Improve eyesight

It is loaded of Beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A

Beta-carotene  also protect against eye macular degeneration and cataract

Nowadays every third child is wearing spectacles so it’s very important for children’s eyesight to include carrot in daily routine in one way or the other.

Cardiovascular benefits

Being rich in antioxidants vitamin K and potassium carrot protects our heart from oxidative damage, plaque formation and also bad cholesterol elevation as we have discussed earlier that pectin fibre present in carrot prevents the absorption of cholesterol.

boost the immune system

Being enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, carrots create a protective shield for our body and are helpful in boosting our immune systems

Helpful in dental health

●Carrots being crunchy are beneficial for our teeth as they scrap off plaques and food particles from teeth

●stimulate the gums and facilitate the formation of saliva.

●Saliva being alkaline in nature helps to balance the cavity-forming bacteria.

Carrots Benefits Good detox

●Vitamin A  present in carrot helps in elimination of toxins from the liver.

●it reduces the excess accumulation of bile and fat in the liver and the

●fibre present in carrots cleanses the intestines, facilitating waste elimination, thus preventing constipation

Helpful during menstruation and post menopause

Carrot contain another antioxidant phytoestrogen that relieves menstrual pain, regularizers bleeding and it is also found to be beneficial in postmenopausal hot flushes

Helpful in pregnancy

Having a lot of dietary benefits Vitamin A, folate present in carrot these are helpful in the proper development of the foetus and reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Helpful in acidity

Being a good source of fiber these are beneficial in Acid Reflux

Carrots Benefits in weight loss

Fibre keeps us full for a long time site helps in weight loss

Carrots Benefits to relive High BP

Potassium present in carrots helps to balance the high levels of sodium associated with hypertension and helps to regulate blood pressure

◆Helpful in diabetes

As the glycemic index of carrot is quite low so they are a very helpful diet for diabetic patients.

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Carrots can be taken as

●RAW as a salad

●In grated form

●Or in juice form.

●It can be combined with ginger lemon etc to enhance its flavour.

●It can also be taken as steamed.

●All the magical ingredients are present in the skin of the carrot so they should be lightly scrubbed after washing to get the maximum benefits.

So, friends, it was a brief description of the superfood of winters that is carrots

My point of view is

miracles don’t happen in a single day

To get the good results of all the properties of superfoods, of all the health benefits, we should use these in daily routine to get all the benefits

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