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Home Remedy for Skin Care-Turmeric is used as a home remedy for various skin problems like acne and pigmentation, an ideal home remedy to cure hair loss and dandruff, sore throat, a miserable problem of winters, and used for many other problems.

Turmeric Home Remedy for Skin Care

Home Remedy for skin care-To get knowledge about the constitution, benefits, uses and side effects of this magical herb go to this link1.

Let’s discuss a few very useful home remedies of this very useful Ayurveda herb.

1. Home Remedies for Skin Care

For glow of skin

As we all know turmeric is used in wedding ritual and symbolises for a healthily married life as well as to get radiant glowing skin on this special day.

The costly cosmetics can’t glow the skin in the way this herb’s paste does.

For this

●Take half a bowl  of the gram floor

●Half cup curd

●Half teaspoon turmeric

●And a half teaspoon of honey

Mix it well

And apply on face as a face mask.

Keep for 15 minutes and let it dry.

This paste can be applied to all over the body to get the best results.

As we have discussed in this article

Turmeric having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property, can cleanse and heal the skin and bring out the natural glow.

For Acne

It can also be used in acne, by applying the same paste at acne spots for better healing.

Another paste can be used especially for acne

•Take 1/2Tea spoon of the herb powder.

Add in it

•1 teaspoon of rose water

•1/2 teaspoon of honey.

Mix well and apply on acne spots 

Make sure not to scratch the acne time and again, Give it time for healing. This paste will fasten the healing process.

For Fair Skin

This herb also contains an oxidant Glutathione, that is helpful to decrease melanin pigment, so boosting the fairness.

Face packs for fairness using this herb,

Take 1 tablespoon full of Turmeric

1 tablespoon full of Sandalwood Powder

2 table Spoon full of Rosewater.

Mix well and apply on the face.

Let it be applied for at least 20 minutes, then rinse the face with normal water.

Use it once in a week for a fair, radiant skin.

It is the best home remedy instead of different cosmetic beauty products claiming for their fairness property.

2. Use for Hair loss and Dandruff

In case of itching scalp, hair loss and dandruff, it can do a lot for u.

Curcumin bioactive element present in it relieves the itching, strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair falling.

For this

●Take one Tea Spoon Full of coconut oil

●Mix half Tea Spoon Full of turmeric in it

Mix well and gently massage the scalp with the mixture.

Keep for about 25 minutes then rinse it with normal or lukewarm water.

Do it twice a week to get wanted results.

3. Use for a sore throat

Now as this is winter season so there are great chances of getting a sore throat.

One of my best-used remedy for my patients is turmeric water gargles for a sore throat.


For this

●Take one glass of warm water

●Take A pinch of rock salt

●And add half Tea Spoon of turmeric in it

Mix well

Gargle twice a day with this water, in the morning and in the night or at least once a day.

This is very useful for my patients of chronic tonsillitis too.

¶Intake for a sore throat.

For this

●Add a half teaspoon of Turmeric in boiling water.

●also, add a one-inch grated of ginger.

After boiling of 5 minutes at simmer strain it

And add 1/2 teaspoon of honey in it.

Sip it slowly at bedtime to get its maximum benefit for sore throat.

4. Use for Teeth and Gums

This magical herb can be used to strengthen teeth and for the better care of gums, so helping to brighten your smile.

For this

●Take A Pinch of rock salt

●A pinch of the powdered herb

•Add 1 Tea Spoon Full of mustard oil.

Mix it well

Then dip the brush in this mixture and brush your teeth.

The same mixture can be used for gums with the help of a clean finger, by gently massaging the gums.

It can be used daily or 2-3times in a week will be enough.

¶ This home remedy also helps to keep away the bad breath.

5. Use for Cuts and burns

We already studied in the article

This wonderful herb has been used from long for small cuts and burns due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

For this, we can add

•A little water in powdered herb to make a paste and can apply at cut or burn site for a fast healing.

6. Use in Knee Pain

◆For intake

Turmeric can be used in knee pain being its anti-inflammatory action.

For this

●Take a glass of warm fat-free milk

●One Table Spoon Full of turmeric

●and add 1/2 tablespoon of honey.

Mix well and drink daily at bedtime for a relaxed knee.

◆For Topical use

Its a well-tried home remedy for knee pain.

Take Sesame oil 100 ml

Add 50 gm of fresh grated turmeric.

Heat oil simmered with grated herb till the raw smell of it goes away.

Strain it.

Cool it.

And store in a container.

It can be used daily, by lightly massaging the knee at bedtime and covering it with a warm cloth.

7. Use for Seasonal Allergies and Pain Relieving

If this herb is taken as a tea it is found to be having anti-allergic action, also act as a decongestant.

For this

●Boil one glass of water

●Add1/2 tsp of turmeric in it

●Also, add one-inch grated ginger.

Boil for 5 minutes, then add

●1 lemon juice and

●1/2 teaspoon honey.

●Sip in the evening to get the best results.

So these were the best home remedies of turmeric.

Turmeric is an Ayurvedic herb and due to its wide availability, and multiple healthy properties, it is used frequently in each Indian kitchen from skin care to knee pain and also consumed in Indian curries.

So friends, make this wonderful herb your companion to be taken daily in any form to get benefitted.

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