Importance Of Ayurveda Role Definition and Basic Concept Use

Importance of Ayurveda

 Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine is such a vast and scientific system and the knowledge that this system reflects, that fits completely in today’s modernized time.

Importance of Ayurveda– In ancient time, there were no resources of new investigations or to prove everything scientifically, but now when we analyze the things from the roots, Ayurveda system of medicine fits appropriate to new researches especially for the Asiatic area.

Importance of Ayurveda

Being an Ayurveda bachelor, I have studied many Ayurved granthas, and our teachers are so intelligent, most of are having the qualification of Ph.D. from the Banaras Hindi University of Ayurveda.

They have taught us, each and every shloka of Charak or Sushrut,( Ayurveda gurus), each and every word, correlated with today’s modern medical science.

For eg, types of instruments, described by Sushrut, along with pictures can easily be correlated with today’s surgical instruments of modern science.

In the same way, causes of eye diseases, described in Ayurveda, totally fit, according to today’s study.

These are very small examples, but we can’t deny that Ayurveda is a complete science, that has enfolded, innumerable healthy gifts for us.

We are just using a handful of it, There is a great need to explore this gift of our ancestors, by us to get the maximum benefits for the welfare of society.

It is also the demand of time now, as with progress, we have left our basic principals of living life far behind, thereby, facing the bad effects of that, in the form of various new deadly diseases due to weak immune systems, pollution, unhealthy food options, etc.

Ayurveda is the only therapy, which is very much complete in itself, and especially its preventive part is very powerful and effective.

If we follow the simpler rules, to live our lives in a healthy way, anyone can enjoy life disease free, with a happy heart.

Friends, I will try to provide you all the information, all the good things, embedded in this vast alternate system of medicine, to live a happy, healthy life, by just a little affordable, alterations in our life.

Definition of Ayurveda

Let’s start to know Ayurveda from basics.

Ayurved term has two words in it…

Ayu + Ved

Where Ayu means life


Ved  means knowledge providing scripture

Thus Ayurved is a science that provides all of the understanding of life.
It supplies us the comprehensive, understanding of balancing our body, mind, and spirituality, such as emotions and psychology.

In favor of this definition let me quote the definition of Ayurved here, Narrated by one of renowned guru of Ayurved Maharishi Charak at Charak Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic literature…

हिताहितम सुखम दुखम आयुस्तस्य हिताहित

………….. आयुर्वेद स उच्यते ।

Meaning thereby

Science through which we understand about the ways of Well being of existence (हितायु),

Harm to existence (अहितायु)

Happy life. ( सुखम)

An unhappy life (दुखम).

Along with guidelines which what can be harmful or beneficial to life is named Ayurved.

Yet Another quotation from Maharishi Bhav Prakash

आयुरहिताहितम व्याधि निदानम शमनम तथा।

विद्यते यत्र विद्वत अभि आयुर्वेद स उच्यते।

Meaning thereby

In which wellbeing of existence (हितायु),

Harmful things for lifestyle (अहितायु),

Along with this

Etiological factors  of any illness (व्याधि निदानम)And

Treatment of disorders (व्याधि शमनम).

is explained that’s named Ayurved.

So dear friends, it is very clear by these authentic quotes showing Importance Of Ayurveda, that.

This system of medicine has the qualities of.

◆Promoting and preserving the health of healthy individuals

◆Fixing and eliminating diseases of sick people

◆To maintain a balance between mind, body, and soul.

◆Help to raise resistance to ailments.

You ought to be very much aware of the Importance of Ayurveda, that’s a conventional medicine system, native to India and practiced globally.

It is the system of health, that works for both i.e

preventative in addition to curing side.

Ayurveda is a really complete science that has embraced immeasurable knowledge that ought to come out for the sake of society.

*It clarifies us to understand our own body,

*It’s Constitution  physically as well as emotionally,

*diets accordingly,

*do’es, and don’ts,

*Our everyday routine,

*based on a season Diet  routine

*regular, proper diet,

*proper exercise,

*right times of rest,

which we’ll discuss in detail.


Basic Concepts Showing Importance of Ayurveda

Now we’ll understand about Constitution of the body based on this science.

in Ayurved, the human being is called a very small miniature of this Universe, and whatever is in the Universe, is reflected in us in one form or other.

Our Universe in Addition to our body consists of 5 components:

Earth can be connected as पृथ्वी as clarified in Ayurved

Water Is connected as जल as clarified this system

Fire can be connected as अग्नि as clarified in this system

Air could be connected as वायु as clarified this system

Ether or Space can be connected as आकाश as clarified this system.


Earth is a strong statement of any steady substance. Its main feature is.

Immobility and

In the body, these can be correlated as Bones, cells, and cells that may be characterized as oxygen and blood transporting systems.
Within our own body, it may be connected as lymph, blood and other fluids.

Water refers to changes or unstable substances.

Fire is your energy which transforms strong substances into gases and liquid as well as vice versa.

It may be correlated in the body as internuclear and intermolecular attraction force.

Fire digests the food changing it into fluids, fat and muscles.

It is a volatile and mobile, gaseous form of a substance.

We can only feel it without touching it.

Air encourages oxidation reactions in the human body and generates changes in energy from one type to another.

Ether, is the space maintaining a presence, helps to separate one thing from others.

In the body, it may be connected as atoms.

Friends that is the fundamental base of Ayurved showing the Importance of Ayurveda.

Our body is composed of exactly the very same items that are observed in our Universe and so why we could be get treated by natural methods by simply keeping in view the law

Ayurved is a vast science that instructs us, each and every facet of a healthy lifestyle.

we will discuss many more useful points, its just a start.

Stay tuned friends.

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