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Oil Pulling Introduction

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy in which medicated oil is swished in our mouth about 15 to 20 minutes and then spit it out to eliminate toxins from the mouth and the body.

Oil Pulling Healthy Smile Weightloss

It is an ancient Ayurveda therapy as described by,

Guru Vag Bhatt, in Ashtanga 
sangraha sutra than chapter 31,

As Gandush Vidhi,

अथातो   गणडूश आदि   विधिम अध्यायम व्याख्यास्याम:।

Guru vagbhata described the difference between Kawal and Gundush.

The oil pulling of today’s time is comparable to the Kawal described by him as

He has told the difference between Kawal and gandush is that

मुखे संचर्यते या तू सा मात्रा कवल: स्मृत:।

असंचारा तु या मात्रा स गणडूश: ।

Meaning thereby

Kawal is that in which oil is swished in the mouth up and down to and fro.

While in gandush

It is kept still in the mouth.

So today’s oil pulling can be well compared with the Kawal described by Acharya vagbhata in ancient scripture, ashtanga sangraha.


Types of Gandush

According to Vag Bhatt

gandush or Kawal is of four types

1.स्नेहिक or oily

It is useful to pacify vata dosh.
It is prepared with the liquid having a sweet, sour and salty taste
Or oil infused with Til tail or sesame oil, milk or मांस रस or chicken broth.

He described the benefits of til tail or sesame gandush as in

●the sensitivity of teeth दंत हर्षे
●In loosening of teeth दन्तचाले
●And in many other diseases of mouth and gums मुख रोगे च वातिके।

2. Shaman Gandush

●it pacifies pitta dosha.
●It is prepared from the medicines having bitter astringent and sweet taste like neem, Jamun, Aam, mulethi, honey, milk, ganne karas or pure ghee.

It helps to relieve

●The pH of mouth thus preventing the growth of bacteria

●Any toxicity of mouth

●Any gums inflammation

3.Shodan gandush

It pacifies kafa dosha

It is prepared by the medicines having a salty and bitter taste.

It helps to relieve

●Smell of mouth
●Bacterial growth prevention
●Tastelessness of mouth

4. Ropan Gandush

●It repairs any cuts or abrasions in the mouth.

●It is prepared from the medications having an astringent, sweet and cool effect.

●It helps to repair any damage in the oral cavity.

So these were the four types of gandush or kawal described by  Guru vag Bhatt.

In Ayurveda 3000 years before, oil pulling or Kawal is well described in ashtanga sangraha by  Vag Bhatt.

According to him when this process is practised in the right way,  all the doshas of the body move towards the mouth and then extracted by this medicated oil.

Dear friends, it’s a very good concept of Ayurveda and in today’s scenario

I apply this method to my patients in routine practice and get very good results.

So it’s clear now that our ancient Ayurveda therapy is full of great knowledge, the demand of time is that we should grab the practical things as much as possible to get the benefit.

So now let me explain you the procedure of this amazing therapy or home remedy in a daily practice practically

It is a practice that involves swishing liquids in our mouth

●to remove bacteria,
●Repair our gums and
●promote oral hygiene
●to prevent cavities formation by maintaining the pH level of the oral cavity.

Role of Kawal

When we put medicated oil, like sesame or coconut or Triphala water in our mouth and swish it,
●up and down,
●to and fro
●in between teeth

it nourishes

●our oral cavity and our gums
●Pull out bacteria and dead tissues
●And leave a good effect having

◆white teeth
◆healthy gums and
◆fresh oral cavity

Benefits when practised daily,

◆Boosting the immune system as the mucous membrane in the mouth cavity absorbs some amount of healthy oils

◆Oils like coconut and sesame  being rich in antioxidants vitamin E and many other good nutrients nourishes our oral cavity,

◆Leaving our teeth bright and white

◆Provide us healthy gums

◆Kills harmful bacteria in the mouth.

◆Loosen the debris and remove it

◆Keeping away the bad breath

◆Clear our sinuses

◆Helpful in migraines

◆inflammation if any, of gums, is decreased

◆It improves the lymphatic system

◆Imparts us a healthy smile

Method of oil pulling.

1.When you get up in the morning drink a glass of clean water

2. Then take One teaspoon of coconut or sesame oil

3.Swish in the oral cavity for 20 minutes

During this time, keep yourself busy in your daily household chores

Although it will be difficult starting to keep the oil for this much long time, you have to be patient to get the maximum results

4. Swish it All around,
In between teeth
to and fro
up and down

5,. When it becomes thin, milky and foamy by absorbing, toxins, any pus, or dead tissue etc,
then spit.

6. Be sure not to ingest it in any case, as it has become contaminated now.

7. Now rinse with warm water having a little salt in it that will clear the oral cavity from toxins and oiliness.

8. And now brush your teeth with your favourite toothpaste as per routine

So friends get up and start your oil pulling routine just from today

Use this therapy two times a day in the morning

And in the evening before dinner.

You can spend time in

●reading newspaper
●walking with your dog
● checking your email
● or replying to your Facebook or WhatsApp messages.

while performing it

Make it a daily routine at least once in the morning.


One line of caution is that don’t replace it with your daily brushing routine, use it as a supplement.

And you will get the desired results especially of the upper portion of the neck including oral cavity, migraine, mental peace good sleep and many more.

Effect on Weight Loss

Many people claim to reduce weight by this therapy, but I don’t think so.

Being an Ayurveda Doctor, practising Ayurveda for last 20 years, I can say that it can provide us with a feeling of happiness, as most of the people are engaged in oral problems in one way or the other.

But by applying this therapy,

●when our mouth will be fresh,
●our gums will be healthy,
●there will be odour-free breathing,

there will be a feeling of happiness from within, and we will be more concerned about our health, thereby,

●can be able to stick to a weight loss plan or
●inculcating some other healthy habits easily,
thus improving our lifestyle.

Side Effects

There are no harmful side effects have been associated by using this home remedy.

Try it today.

Stay tuned friends for a new article

Eat healthy stay healthily

For any query and mail me and

[email protected]

Dr Seema Gupta
Senior Ayurvedic medical practitioner

SOURCEAshtang Hriday


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