Ten Detox Drinks Healthy Vegetarian Recipes For Weight Loss


An Ancient alternate system of medicine Ayurveda, practices detox drinks, diets or juices or detox breakfast to cleanse the body by tissue level thoroughly.

Ten Detox Drinks for Weightloss

Ten Detox Drinks- Detoxification is a process in which toxins are removed from the body by providing rest to the systems of the body through fasting, by altering diet, providing and then again flooding the body with healthy nutrients.

Why Detoxification

Detoxification is helpful for our body to maintain proper health.

The liver is the main organ of our body that needs to be detoxified at most as all the metabolism takes place through this largest organ of the body from where impurities from the blood are removed.
The toxin is also removed through kidneys, intestines, skin, and lungs.

If these systems are not detoxified time to time they get overloaded with toxins thus hampering their function.

Benefits of Detoxification

In the detox method or Cleansing process, we help our system

•To take rest

•Stimulation of the liver to get rid of toxins

•Promoting toxins removal from intestine, skin and Kidneys etc.

•Improving circulation of blood

And providing a kick-start to our system to face the new challenges.

for a complete Detox of the body, on large scale, it should be done once in a year but in our busy lives, by the simple efforts, we can get rid of toxins very easily on daily basis.

So let’s discuss a few detox drinks specially to be used in winters, as we munch on high calories food more and have less mobility due to chilled weather.

We can better take care of our system by incorporating any of these tasty and easy to prepare detox drinks.

Let’s start friends.

Detox Breakfast

1.Carrot And Beetroot Drink

Everyone is aware of the health benefits of carrot and beetroot.as these are

loaded with,

¶Many types of phytonutrients ¶antioxidants
¶Folic acid
¶Rich in fiber

•So these are beneficial for
detoxification of the digestive system.

•help to reduce weight
•Help in skin glowing

So for this take a medium-sized beetroot and
Two Carrots.

Wash and peel them and prepare fresh juice in a juicer.

And my personal funda is to consume these two highly beneficial vegetables in grated form as a salad. A little lemon juice can be added to this.

This can provide a much better detoxifying effect along with weight loss.

Detox Diet

2.Cabbage Diet

We all know the weight loss effect of cabbage but being rich in vitamin K vitamin C, it is a great detox for the digestive system too.

It has a very low-calorie value. A bowl of cabbage may have only 22 -40 calories.

For this,

•Boil 150 gm of cabbage in two glass of water for 10-15 minutes.
Add a
•little rock salt and
•A pinch of black pepper in it.

And enjoy.

Cabbage soup can be taken as a Detox diet at the time of dinner.

It can be taken along with dinner or we can replace our dinner with a  large bowl of cabbage soup, as along with having many vitamins and other nutrients, it has a high value of fiber that helps to reduce fat by keeping us full for a long time this helps to check our weight.

3.Famous Lemon Water Detox

•In a glass of warm water add •one lime juice
•Stir well

•Take it 3 times a day

The citric acid present in lemon helps in detoxification, as lemon juice is like the digestive juices found in the stomach which helps the liver make more bile, that keeps food moving smoothly through our digestive tract and managing the pH level of our body, thus making our body strong against many diseases.
In nutshell

It will help to
•boost up our metabolism.

•Help to melt away fat by
cleansing through reaching the smallest cells.


4.Detoxifying Coconut Drink

Yes, friends coconut can be useful as a fat cutter and a good detox drink if taken in moderation.

Of course, we need some amount of fat and coconut is rich in good HDL fat in it, which helps to repair our body cells.

•The HDL fat in coconut helps to reduce belly fat while even at rest.

• it keeps our gums healthy

• Helps to glow our skin if applied topically and

•Its roles are already known to us for Hair Health to prevent hair loss.

Magical drink

•1 Tea Spoon Full of coconut extra virgin oil, of a good company

•add in one glass of warm water

•Add half lemon juice in it

•stir well

•And take early in the morning.

It’s a real fat burning Detox drink even when you are at rest,

Condition is that

•Coconut oil should be an Extra virgin

•Should be pure of a good company

•Should be taken in moderation, once a day

5.My Favourite Cinnamon Drink

Friends this is my favourite most useful, well-practised drink

Cinnamon is found to

•Correct diabetes type 2
•Increase our metabolism
•Decreases LDL, bad cholesterol
•it is having antifungal and antibacterial properties.
•And a very great detox drink to stimulate our liver for better functioning.

For this

•Add a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder or 1-inch cinnamon

•in one glass of water

•Boil for 5 minutes

•Strain and sip slowly to get the results.

6.Green Tea Detox

To get a good detoxification switch from your regular tea or coffee to Green Tea.

•Green tea is full of antioxidants that help to detoxify the body.

•Green tea helps to boost up the body to create antioxidant glutathione, an antioxidant that helps the body to get rid off harmful toxins.

•Green tea also has a kind of micronutrient called polyphenols which are helpful in fat burning that is stopped by toxins.

So try to drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea daily after half an hour of each meal. if you get bored of green tea, some flavoured herbal teas of good brands can also be tried.

So, in a nutshell

Green tea, 

•helps in weight reduction
•Cleanses the body by antioxidant action

•It helps to digest the fat present in the food.
•And helps to cleanse our system.

7. Honey A Good Detox

Honey can be taken in today’s season as it is well digested in winters.

•Honey has many antifungal and antibacterial properties

•It helps to reduce weight
•It spreads in each and every tissue of our body and when taken with lemon
•Remove all the toxins in a healthy way.

It can be added in Lemon drink or cinnamon drink or can be taken in some other way as per your taste.

8. Radish juice a great detox

This is one of the great detoxes

Very Helpful in jaundice as it detoxifies the liver in many ways.

•Helps to lower the sugar level in blood thus helpful in diabetes

•High in fiber, so helpful in weight loss by keeping us full for long.

•Helps to lose weight by having
The fiber in it.

Grind the radish with one glass of water in a grinder

Strain and sip.

It’s also a good habit to include radish in our daily salad grated or cut in pieces.

Or to stuff grated radish in our chapati for breakfast.

9 fenugreek Water or Fenugreek tea.

There are countless uses of fenugreek
Used to
•lower Cholesterol
•Controls hunger pangs
•Controls blood sugar
•Its anti-inflammatory effect is good for liver health

For Fenugreek water

Soak a few fenugreek seeds in normal water and take only the water or chew the fenugreek seeds along with for best detoxifying results.

For fenugreek tea

•In a glass of water
•Add 8 to 10 fenugreek seeds

•Boil for 5 minutes

Strain and Sip.

8 Ginger Tea

Some people may not like the taste of green tea so ginger tea is the best option for them

To prepare Ginger tea

Boil 1-inch piece of ginger in one glass of water for 5 minutes

•Strain it
•add half lemon juice
• honey can also be added for taste
Sip it.
•It will help to reduce weight especially the belly fat

•Helpful in cleansing our tissues.

So dear friends, these are the best and simple detoxifying as well as weight loss recipes and can be practiced very easily daily to keep you healthy and fit.

Try these and get rejuvenated.

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Eat Healthy Stay Fit.

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