Turmeric A Golden Herb Benefits How to Use and Side Effects


In Ayurveda Turmeric is a wonderful herb having proven antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, also known as golden herb due to its colour, and it is used in daily routine in our kitchen.

Turmeric benefits and uses

Turmeric-As, Ayurveda, an alternative system of medicine, is a human body friendly system, so its mode of action is always in a natural way by using most of the gifts provided by nature to us.

Turmeric, the golden herb is one such a precious gift of this earth to humanity.

Benefits of Turmeric

In our today’s modernized fast life, we are losing the essence of these natural freely available, low-cost gifts and are gripped by bottled, packaged, highly processed, expensive, alluring but unhealthy food or medicines or supplements.

But as the saying is that

Old is Gold.

It truly applies to our Ancient Ayurveda System as well as the treatments or the supplements or the herbs, introduced by this system to us.

Now it’s our duty to understand the importance of this knowledge, manage and use it wisely, and inculcate in our new generation, for a better result and to get rid of using those artificial fancy things, which is gripping and becoming harmful for youngsters.

Our grandmas, our moms, are well aware of its uses and benefits as it has been used from ages by Ayurveda, Unani(One component of AYUSH), Siddha medicine (Another component of AYUSH), and traditional Chinese medicine.

The popularity and use of this golden herb are to such extent that the USA tried to patent it, but now India is the largest producer, exporter and consumer of it in the world.

So let’s discuss in detail about this treasurer medicinal herb, a gift from Ayurveda to us, in detail.

Properties of Turmeric

Turmeric is a plant of the ginger family and its root, called rhizome is used in cooking or medicinal purpose.

Its botanical name is Curcuma longa.

It is mostly used in dried form by boiling the root or rhizome in water for 30 to 40 minutes and then dried under the sun or in ovens and then grounded to get a powder of deep orange colour.

It is used in almost all Asian cuisines, especially in curries to enhance the flavour. Mostly turmeric is used in powdered form imparting a golden yellow colour.

It has a bitter, warm, black pepper like flavour and an aroma like mustard.

Constitution  100gms of it may contain

Carbohydrates 60-70%

Water  6-13%

Protein 6-8%

Fat 5-10%

Dietary minerals 3-7%

Essential oil 4-7%
named as turmerone, Germacrone,Atlanone,zingiberene, providing flavor and aroma.

Dietary fibre 2-7%

Curcuminoids 1-6%.
having medicinal value

Uses of turmeric

As we have gone through the constitution of, it has a medicinal value due to the presence of a bioactive compound called curcuminoids and the most important of these is curcumin

Now let’s discuss the uses of this golden herb…

1.Anti-inflammatory effect

Curcumin in this herb is having the strong anti-inflammatory effect. So it helps our body to fight with a disease-causing pathogenic attack like bacteria, viruses etc and also help in repairing damages.

So turmeric, due to having Curcumin in ii, prevents us from many diseases.

2.Antioxidative effect

Curcumin present in it also has a strong antioxidant effect by which it can neutralize free radicals in the body by itself due to its chemical structure and it also stimulates our body to produce antioxidant enzymes.

So, due to having Curcumin in it ,is a great immunity booster.

3.Helpful to treat Arthritis

Due to the anti-inflammatory property of curcumin,it is proved to be effective in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis where joints get inflamed.

3. Helpful in increasing memory power

Curcumin in it is found to increase levels of a brain hormone, which is helpful in the formation and growth of new neurons, thereby enhancing the brain’s functional capacity.

It increases memory power.

4. Helpful in heart disease

Heart disease is a deadly cause in today’s scenario. Curcumin present in it is found to be active on the endothelial lining of our blood vessels and improving the function of these, which helps in regulating blood pressure and blood clotting.

Also, it’s anti-inflammatory effect and antioxidants property also plays a vital role in heart diseases.

5.Helpful to treat cancer

Cancer is a life-threatening disease, having uncontrolled growth of cells.

Studies have shown that Curcumin present in it is found to be helpful in reducing the growth of cancer cells and their spread to other body parts.

6. Helpful to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is degenerative disease worldwide leading to dementia.

Curcumin found in it is proved to cross the blood-brain barrier and remove the protein plaques, the main cause of this disease.

Also, it’s anti-inflammatory effect and antioxidants property helps to relieve the symptoms.

7. Help to reduce depression

Due to curcumin’s property of increasing brain hormone and also it is proved to boost, serotonin and dopamine, the brain neurotransmitters, helpful to remove depression.

8.help to fight age-related diseases thereby delaying ageing.

As the curcumin present in it is proved to help in arthritis, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, prolonged its use may be helpful for the longevity of life.

9. Help to heal and glow skin.

Curcumin due to its anti-inflammatory property acts with tissues and collagen of skin and is able to heal, psoriasis, acne scars, and scabies in combination with neem, another Ayurveda herb.

How to Use Turmeric

In nutshell, we can say that whether it is scientifically proved or not or may be proven later but we can’t ignore the uses and benefits of this miracle herb in our life.

I have seen in my childhood, and many of you must have noticed it,

-that in case of any cut or injury, it was the first thing to give turmeric milk to the person diseased, as well it was heated with mustard oil and bandaged at the site.

-At the time of piercing nose or ears, the same paste was applied for fast healing.

-In India, it’s a custom till now of applying turmeric to Bride as well as groom before wedding day called Haldi Rasam for a better glow.

-In winters it’s a tradition in India to prepare haldi Ki pinni, due to its cold preventing property(anti-inflammatory action)

One thing I want to say that the miracle is not by the one day use.

The daily use of this herb in one or the other way is helpful to get it’s best benefits.

In India, we are lucky to have a trend to add this herb in each and every meal, be may daal(curries) or vegetables.

Some extra dose also is needed for an effective dose for maximum benefits…

So we can take turmeric by mouth and can also apply on skin.

Side effects of turmeric

Commonly it is not proved to cause any side effect, but sometimes one can experience nausea, gastric upset, diarrhoea or some type of dizziness, very rarely.

So use this gift of nature, full of good properties for multiple benefits daily and enjoy a healthy life.

For Home Remedies of Turmeric you can check this link..


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