Winter Diet Plan Balanced Vegetarian For Fast Weight Loss


Winter Diet Plan-In the winter season, there is a strong need for a diet plan for weight loss as our metabolism is up and we have hunger pangs time and again.

Ayurveda concept is that due to outer chilled weather, our Agni, compared with metabolic fire, remains inside and get exaggerated, so Ayurveda guides eating heavy, high-calorie food to be consumed in winters but in a healthy way.

Fast Weightloss Winter Diet Plan

Diet in Winters

If we will take light food, our strong Agni, in this season, will start to break up our body tissues thus immbalancing the Vata Dosha. Cold, Airy, Dry, these are the characteristics of Vata Dosha.

This concept doesn’t allow us to binge upon high caloric, unhealthy, saturated fat, or trans fat or fried food.

In order to keep our vata dosha in balance, in the winter season, we have to follow a diet plan, that can keep control of Vata,
Vata can be kept in balance by taking foods that are,
Sweet, salty and sour flavoured, warm and healthy foods like boiled vegetables, Soups, cream, pure ghee, warm milk, almonds, nuts, dates, raisins etc.
Pure Ghee can be taken 1-2spoons a day due to having many health-promoting properties, so why it has great value in Ayurveda.
•In winters, vata pacifying herbs like Cumin, Cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, Basil, Fennel should be used in abundance.
•In lunchtime, sweet or salty lassi can be added but without ice.
Citrus fruits like oranges, Sweet lime, lemon are best to consume in this season but not in the night. Mid-morning or afternoon is the best time to consume these.
•Warm water should be sipped the whole day.
•Cold drinks or iced drinks should be avoided.
•Also coffee, black tea should be avoided as they may cause vata imbalance.
Keep these points in mind.
Now let’s discuss our 2ndday meal plan.
it’s never late to start eating healthy.
Don’t wait for tomorrow, start today and get the results one day earlier.

Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan

Wake up at 7 o’ clock
Take a glass of water. Add 1-inch cinnamon. Boil for 5 minutes
Strain and sip. (Keep the remnants of cinnamon)
Practice some yoga or stretching exercise for 30 minutes.
After 1 hour
Take your Breakfast.
It should be taken at last up to 9:00 am.
• you can take 2 multigrain Roti with any vegetable like alu bean
•or two roti stuffed with low-fat paneer
•4 brown bread toast with half Tea Spoon of ghee and rock salt.

If you are a non-vegetarian
Take 2 multigrain Roti with two egg bhurji.

Winter Diet Plan
Don’t forget to carry your water bottle infused with the cinnamon remnants from early morning water. Put these into your water bottle to get good detox water for your whole day.
Midmorning Snack at 11:30 am
1 glass buttermilk with roasted cumin powder and rock salt.
Buttermilk can be prepared by adding 3/4th part of the water in one-fourth part of yoghurt and mix well.
If it’s difficult at job place then you can have a handful of peanuts.
Lunch should be  in between
It should include a complete meal having
•Two multigrain roti
•1 cup brown rice
•a bowl of pulses like urd ki daal(black gram)
•1bowl vegetable, alu methi
•A glass of sweet buttermilk can be taken
For non-vegetarians
•Urd daal can be replaced with non-vegetarian curry of chicken.
Evening snack
•In the evening have a handful of roasted makhana with few raisins.
Dinner should be in between 7.30-8.00pm
take light dinner

•a bowl of soup with loads of vegetables
•or vegetable Daliya
•or vegetable pulao
•Or steamed veggies
For non-vegetarians, 150 gms of grilled chicken breast can be taken with plenty of blanched or grilled vegetables like carrots and broccoli.
At bedtime
have a glass of warm turmeric milk.
At any time in a day, if you feel hunger pangs, try to munch upon some healthy option only, like steamed corns, roasted nuts etc.
Although, I have mentioned the timings of taking food, yet little changes can be done in this according to your requirements.

Ideal Times to Eat for fast weight loss

Best time 8.00 to9.00 am
But it should not be later than 10.00am
Best time 12.30 to 2.00pm
But it must not be later than 4.00pm
The best time gap between breakfast and lunch is 4 hours.
Best time 7.00 to 9.00pm
The best time gap between dinner and sleep should be 2.30hours.
Stay tuned friends.
Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy.
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Dr Seema Gupta
Senior Ayurvedic Medical Officer.

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