Yoga Importance Role in Weightloss Benefits Uses in Daily Life


In today’s trend, most of the people are attracting towards Yoga for weight loss. It shows the importance of Yoga.

Yoga is one of the most important parts of Ayurveda. Nowadays everyone is very much obsessed with weight gain,  some practice long walks, another practice gym, but there is also an increased number of Yoga lovers.

With the efforts of Baba Ramdev, Guru Ravi Shankar Ji and our prime minister Sh Narender Modi Ji, and many other, yoga has become now common practice for each and everyone, being in reach of the common man by the increased number of trained Yoga teachers.

Yoga Importance

●It is much more than a weight reduction program.

●It’s a combination of physical, psychological and mental practices.

●According to studies, it proved that a comprehensive yoga program such as

asana (poses),
breathing methods,
And meditation

●act as a successful long-term weight loss solution for individuals of all ages.

●It helped many individuals to lose more pounds or kgs, who were in the trial of weight loss from a long time by various manners.

Role of Yoga in Weight loss

It is not the only reducing program, but it works on our body in different affirmative manners.

Being overweight is a sign that something is out of balance.

According to Ayurveda, Our body is assumed to have connections as a body to mind and mind to soul.

These three are interconnected.

If anyone of these three is not in balance others two will also be affected.

An individual can’t have a wholesome body and pure spirit if the brain is overactive, unbalanced or worried.

It has the power to control these three and keep our body, mind, and soul in pace.

It needs a lot of patience to reduce with the help of Yoga.

Bad effects of a crash diet

If we try to lose weight  by crash diets,

◆The immediate diet reduction is bad for our health.

◆A lot of people follow crash diets and other plans and also get results, but those approaches have adverse consequences on the human body and leave us nutrient deficient that lead to additional disorders in our body.

◆When we quit after these instantaneous plans, we put on nearly twice we already had.

◆Some people also feel depression following a collapse of the quick plans.

◆Reducing should be considered as a long-term lifestyle change and not a fast means of losing a couple of pounds for some special occasion.

Benefits of Yoga when practiced regularly

Number 1

Higher awareness. 

One of the main reason of becoming obese is that,  in a hectic lifestyle,  we are unable to detect the signals of our mind that our stomach is full, we mostly eat, while watching TV,  or managing some important assignment on a laptop,  or reading our Whatsapp messages.

But when we practice Yoga regularly,  it helps to refine the power of the mind to connect to our body,  to get the signals of fullness.

So it enhances our awareness of the fullness signals and we stop eating.

Number  2

Yoga Importance Role in Weightloss Benefits Uses in Daily Life

In this life of great stress, our cortisol levels, (a hormone), become high.

Individuals who constantly worry about something or have a stressful job life, the degree of Cortisol remains high inside them.

Our lives are getting to be more and more stressful and there are lots of reasons for this.

Elevated cortisol levels stimulate eating, and also ensure to convert extra calories into fat.

This stored fat is related to insulin resistance that causes diabetes and other serious health ailments including heart disease.

When we practice Asanas, breathing exercises and meditation, these help to reduce cortisol levels,  thus reducing the chances of various ailments.

It also boosts to secrete a happy hormone Endorphin,  which helps to relieve the stress,  creating a positive cycle to keep us tension free.

Number 3

It detoxifies our system-Yoga Importance

Being obese is an indication that our body is full of toxins.

Detoxifying our body will help us to lose weight.

If our body is toxic, it usually means our detoxification organs, like kidneys and liver, might not be functioning efficiently.  When these organs are not functioning optimally our own body starts storing excess fat in the form of toxins.

Practicing yoga is a great deal to kick-start detoxifying our body.

It lights up the internal organs and assists them to work.

It comprises some breathing methods (Pranayama) plus a few particular asanas or poses which also assists in successful detoxification.

Number 4

It brings out negative feelings, enhancing weight lossYoga Importance-

In today’s stressful scenario,  where kids are stressed  due to the lengthy  syllabus, youth is stressed for competitive  exams to opt for a better career option, elders are stressed  due to demanding  job pressures,

so the end result is,  we all binge on unhealthy, tastebuds pleasing high-calorie food, just to feel us happy momentarily.

Binging on that yummy but unhealthy food,  relieves our tension temporarily for some time, but actually results in piling of pounds or kgs to our body, the end resulting in weight gain, in turn giving us the negative feeling.

It is the only solution,  that by its stretching exercises, breathing acts like Pranayam, wipes away all our negative thoughts, break the negative cycle of eating and weight gain,  leaving us happy and healthy deeply from inside, thus enhancing to lose our weight.



It nourishes our soul-Yoga Importance

When practiced regularly and in the right way, like with proper asanas or poses, breathing exercises to meditate, touches our inner soul, and make us able to understand ourselves in the true sense, thus awaken us towards surroundings, our bad habits and provide us with the strength to improve ourselves.

This is the ultimate stage of satisfaction that can be achieved only by practicing it with great patience, in turn, it nourishes our soul to become a better person and motivate us to keep our weight in balance.

It may look like philosophy to many,  but this can be really felt when you practice it in a proper way with full dedication.

If you’re seriously interested in losing fat permanently, then learn Yoga and practice for at least 45 minutes a day, at least 4 to 5 times weekly.

With the passage of time,  you will learn to eat right,  and you will feel control to healthy eating and in portion control.

Miracle will not happen in a day,  but it will happen for sure if we will know Yoga Importance, practice it with patience and full dedication,  and the effects will be permanent weight loss and inner happiness.

So get up and start.

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Stay tuned friends.

Keep on exercising and stay fit.

Stay tuned friends.

Keep on exercising and stay fit.

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