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Acne for men and women of all ages is one of the most common problems. Whether you are a professional living the fast lane or a teen fresh from high school, no one is exempt. And for those of you who have experienced or are still experiencing acne breakouts, you probably know how embarrassing these times are.

Home Remedies for Acne

Challenges in Acne Treatment

Most people who face these kinds of problems usually turn to chemical treatments such as oral medications and creams. But most of the time, these treatments can be very harsh on your skin and could even cause further irritation.

One great solution to this dilemma is by using natural and organic means to cure pimples. So if you are looking for these kinds of cure, then this is your lucky day.

Listed below are effective natural acne cures that you can easily do right at home!

Acne Treatment for Men and Women

1.    Tea tree oil.

This natural essential oil acts as a disinfecting agent that can kill acne-causing bacteria from the infected area. Tea tree oil can easily be available in your local department stores and are very affordable. This treatment is a time tested solution to effectively clear the skin from acne.You can get it from here

2.    Yogurt and oatmeal mixture. 

These ingredients are not only good for your acne but can also be the best treatment for pimple eruptions. You can make a facial paste by mixing these two ingredients in equal proportions. Leave it to dry on the skin, wash out with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry.

3.    Tea bags mixed with dried basil.

Use 2-3 tea bags of tea and mix it with basil leaves for half an hour in medium heat and apply it into the skin through a cotton ball. it’s a good acne treatment.

4.    Honey and cinnamon face mask.

 This delicious mixture is not only great for the acne but can also be delicious for your skin. Mix honey and cinnamon powder until a pasty texture is created. Apply it on your face overnight and wash out the following day with lukewarm water and a gentle facial soap.
Now, getting effective acne treatment can be done right at your own kitchens. Plus, these ingredients can be easily found in your kitchen cabinets so you can easily whip one up in no time at all for acne treatment.

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