Ayurveda Diet Plan Ayurveda Food list to Add to Your Daily Life

Ayurveda Diet Plan – As we know,  Ayurveda is a science of life as described in my article, that teaches us to boost longevity by several ways like a daily healthy diet program, Yoga exercises to live the healthful way of life.
Based on Ayurveda principle, we can conclude that the origin of all health issues is nutrition.  In different ways, it states,
“We are what we eat.”

It is a principle that’s been preached and practiced by Ayurveda.

Ayurveda Food list to Add to Your Daily Life

Ayurveda Diet Plan- Food list to Add to Your Daily Life

Ayurveda principles are not so easy to follow since there are forms of different components to complete for Ayurveda Diet Plan.

Ayurveda diet plan, demand the science and makeup of food, construction, pathology, physiology, diagnostic methods and treatment strategies for specific health and health care problems.

In Ayurveda diet, is created entirely to balance our system, mentally and physically powerful in brief, it is all about balance.

According to Ayurveda, there are three energies in each’s body.  When all of the three powers are in equilibrium, the individual will be emotionally calm and healthy.

They’ll appreciate a happy life with a material of physically powerful, disease free and light.

Over here are a few basic and essential Ayurvedic diet ideas which can allow you to reform a minimum of one huge component of your daily life that’s eating and nourishment.

Making minor modifications and eating that diet every day can help a  lot in the long span.

Below mentioned diets are primary fundamentals that apply to everyone.

Ayurveda Diet Plan

According to Ayurveda, the method of digestion is a part of Pitta or fire energy in your lifetime, and just like any procedure, if it is to work well, you need to give it the ideal conditions.

1 Jaggery

It is also known as Gur or Guda that it is a conventional kind of refined sugar derived from sugar cane juice.

It’s traditionally utilized in several Indian foods, Indian ritual, and habits in addition to in creating various Ayurvedic medications.


According to Ayurveda, jaggery has heat generating effects or potency, which will help to create excitement in the body and also secrete the bile in the liver and gall bladder.


Additional eating 10 g of jaggery provide16 mg magnesium, which is equivalent to 4 percent the daily requirement.

Jaggery additionally reduces stress and swing’s the mood, it may be a result of the release of endorphins, which is created in the body after ingestion of jaggery.

Besides its sweet flavor and glucose substitution, Jaggery has several health benefits and medicinal applications for example

  •  Cleanses intestines,
  •  Cleanses urinary tract and urine, to alleviate extra body weight by fluid retention
  •  Urinary tract ailments
  •  To strengthen digestion and
  •  Relieving constipation.

2 Rock salt

It is often called Sendha Namak or even Saindhava lavana.  It’s partially sweet and believed the greatest among all salts.

It’s also known as sodium chloride or and salt and is a large-grained coarse salt.

The majority of the salt commonly increases Pitta, but Saindhava Lavana, being cold in potency, it can help to balance Pitta.


.It’s among those rare materials that equilibrium each of the three Doshas.

Ayurveda prefers this salt for everyday usage, as its attributes are more beneficial to wellness, which is slightly different from regular salt.


Regular use may benefit in several ways like

  •  Weight reduction;
  •  Sodium reduces sugar cravings by reactivating insulin and helps in weight reduction.
  •  It controls the amount of melatonin, which may help in calm sleep thus relieving anxiety and stress.

3. Cow’s milk

It is regarded as the most helpful among all creature’s milk.

Cow’s milk functions as Rejuvenator that helps in longevity of life


It’s considered so due to its different nutrient values such because it’s highly loaded with calcium content that’s vital for the development of bones and body.

Drinking one glass of cow milk supplies 10.8percent of the healthy body’s requirement for potassium.


  •  Vital for the development of bones and body
  •  It can enhance mental and physical stamina
  •  Relieves Premenstrual symptoms.
  •  It’s useful in headaches by a migraine.

4. Coriander

It is a favorite herb that’s used as a flavor producing element used in, with snacks, stir-fries and breakfast recipes.  It’s typically called dhania.


According to Ayurveda, it’s helpful for stomach-related ailments, as it has properties which help in proper digestion.


Since it slows down the aggravated pitta, it’s excellent for those affected by pitta imbalance, which can be caused because of excess use of coffee or tea.

Aside from that, it’s also helpful in

  •  Improving digestion, for relieving bad mouth odor,
  •  Nausea,
  •  Asthma,
  •  Anorexia, less appetite
  •  Piles
  •  And worm Infestation.

5. Red Rice

Based on Ayurveda text, Charaka Samhita Red rice (Raktashali rice) is thought of as the ideal rice grain in all types.

It’s having the property of balancing all types of, kapha, pitta, and vata really efficiently.  It’s been in employed for over 3,000 decades.
One-fourth cup of serving to provide 2 percent of daily iron, 2 grams of fiber that is the 8 percent of our daily need of fiber.
 And has been used for
  • ·       Diuretic
  •   Eye-invigorating,
  •  Good for skin,
  •  Tonic and a whole lot more
· It’s full of antioxidants and vitamin.

6. Snake gourd

Best Ayurvedic Food

It is a vegetable that’s famous in the world because of its flavor, but it’s also considered a medicinal vegetable in Ayurveda.


Based on an Ayurveda text”Charaka Samhita,” it’s an herb that alleviates the sensation of food satiation and unnecessary thirst.

It’s an herb with anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, moderate analgesic and anti-cholesterol properties.


Because of those qualities of significance, it’s helpful in

  •  Insomnia, arthritis
  •  And Alzheimer’s disease,
  •  Heart and
  •  Diabetes diseases.

·     It’s additionally, useful in

  •  Skin ailments,
  •  Burning feeling,
  •  Blood purification,
  •  Cold and cough.

·         It’s a healthful food which balances Kapha and Tridosha.

·         It’s loaded with Vit A, B, C and minerals like mg, Mn, K, Ca, Fe, I

7. Fig fruits

These are generally called Anjeer in India.  It’s a fruit which can be eaten fresh in addition to in dried out from.

The Fresh fruit flavor is sweet and crispy seeds were because the dried fruit is sour and chewy.


Based on Ayurveda fig’s aggravates Kapha, but reduces Pitta Dosha.

It is guru or heavy to digest and also have cold potency.

It’s packed with fiber, which rewards in preventing the expanding cholesterol in the body.


Figs have a fantastic supply of iron. Therefore, it’s suggested to individuals suffering from iron deficiency, which leads to anemia.

  • Other than this, Figs can also be useful in treating warts; it is because of anti-viral properties which are found in the milky sap of figs.
8. Cow milk, ghee

It is regarded as superior to each of ghee’s which are created from different creature’s milk.

Ghee produced from cow’s milk is also thought to be the top that includes a nutrient value that does not damage your system when eating.


Based on Ayurveda cow, ghee is packed with essential nutrients such as fatty acids, saturated fat and also have antioxidants, antifungal, antifungal, and antiviral properties.


·         Other than this, it may also be useful in
Relieving pain and burning feeling it’s easy to use employ ghee on a prosperous place.

Additionally, it’s useful for softening feces and also to cure constipation issues.

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9. Almond

It is thought to be the earliest and most popularly developed of all of the nut plants.

It may be utilized in forms of manners like whole almond seeds may be consumed raw or perhaps roasted, almond oil may be used as massage therapy for relieving dryness of the skin and scalp.


It’s aphrodisiacal in character, and therefore it can help strengthen and provide stability to body cells.

It’s among the most regarded seeds in Ayurveda because of its nutrient value.  It’s Vata pacifying impact and supports all of the seven dhatus, especially Shukra dhatu and also the Ojas.


It’s beneficial in the creation of hemoglobin,
Fresh blood cells.

It also plays a significant part in preserving
Smooth physiological functions like liver, heart, nerves, mind, and bones.

It’s a high supply of fat and protein that’s proven to fight cholesterol.

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10. Amla

It is one of the most important herbs of Ayurveda that it can be used in creating many formulations of Ayurvedic medicine.


It’s an unbelievable fruit which has many vitamins and minerals such as potassium, Vitamin B, B, Phosphorus, Carotene, and iron; it’s also a potent antioxidant agent.


Amla oil is broadly utilized in India for hair loss and hair loss.  It’s been demonstrated to decrease the problems of hair loss and hair loss on account of the carotene content of Amla.

The iron material and overall antioxidant properties also help reduce hair loss.

Based on Ayurveda text Charaka Samhita Amla may be utilized for various health conditions such as

Strengthens the liver,
Psychological performance strengthens the lungs,
Improves fertility,
Intensifies eyes,
Improves muscle tone,
Increases skin wellness and a lot more.

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So, friends, this is a brief description of these Ayurveda Foods, Properties, and benefits. They are very much useful to be used in our daily life.

Each of these has excellent, good properties that a separate article can be written on each of these. Try to incorporate these in your daily Diet plan to get the maximum benefit.

Stay tuned friends.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

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