Back Pain Yoga Asanas For Pain Relief With Pictures

Back pain or stiffness may have a significant influence on daily life.  But, certain Yoga Poses and stretches can help alleviate pain and enhance flexibility.

Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain

Back pain, particularly short term pain, is among the most common medical complaints in the USA as well as in India.Every third adult above the age 50, and especially the females are the victims.

 Some lifestyle factors, health conditions, and accidents may result in pain at the center back.

Symptoms of mid back pain may include,

•    Small duration, sharp pains
•    Constant, chronic dull pain
•    Stiffness in muscles
•    A diminished range of movement

Middle Back Pain Treatment at Home

Following are described a few simple Yoga exercises that can help relieve back pain, to lose tight muscles and improving reduced range of movement.

1.  Seated twist or Ardhmatsyendrasan or अर्धमत्स्येन्द्रासन

Seated twist or Ardhmatsyendrasan or अर्धमत्स्येन्द्रासन


This twist stretch might help determine how tight the muscles are, while slowly increasing the range of motion in both directions.

Postures that have a great deal of sitting at a stretch, with hunched shoulders can bring about the back muscles to tighten, restricting the spine’s ability to spin.

As I mentioned earlier, we should always sit by keeping our backbone straight and the head in a neutral potion.

To Execute the seated twist

1.    Be certain that you sit properly on a chair or floor with legs crossed or straight in front,  keep backbone straight while pulling on the shoulder blades down and together.

2.    Gently twist into the to the left side by placing the right hand on the exterior of the left knee and put the left hand supporting the back to offer support.

3.    Hold the position for 20-30 seconds as per your capacity.

4.    Repeat on the opposite side.
 When working at a desk, practicing similar stretches 4-5 times on each side twice a day
 may help relieve pressure from the back thus relieving back pain.

2.  Child’s Pose or Balasan
Or बालासन

Child's Pose or Balasan  Or बालासन

Child’s Pose is a relaxed, quite straightforward yoga pose.  It enables the backbone to elongate while the individual rests within their knees.

This variant retains the knees apart to stretch the core abdominal muscles which connect the lower spine into the long bone of the leg.

Putting the arms across the head gently extends the latissimus dorsi, a large flat muscle that connects the backbone and the long arm bone.

To Execute the Balasan

1.    Sit in kneeling position having hips and buttocks on lower leg and feet

2.    Distribute the knees aside to some stage that easy to do..  Then fold the body forward, bringing down the chest to the knees.

3.    If at all possible, bring the forehead to the ground, together with the arms stretched out ahead.  The palms must lightly rest on the ground, keeping the arms straight.

4.    Hold the position for 20-30 seconds as per your capacity.

5.    Make use of the hands to come back to normal posture gently.

3. Thread the Needle, or Parsva Balasan or पार्श्व बालासन

Thread the Needle, or Parsva Balasan or पार्श्व बालासन

It is a yoga pose which stretches the sides of the human body, including our large muscle, latissimus dorsi. 

It is also useful to lessen stiffness in the muscles of upper back along with mid end.

To get the maximum advantage, concentrate on maintaining the arms stretched outwards and keeping up a stretch that’s comfortable, not hurting.

To Execute the Needle

1.    Start with coming on hands and knees, while the hips are directly below the knees

2.    Maintaining the hips, knees, and feet still, walk out the sides in front until they are under the shoulders. Try should be to keep the arm straight to get an extra stretch inside.

3.    Just take the right arm and then move it under the left side while rotating the chest.  The right hand should rest on the ground, palm up.

4.    Attempt to lower down the right shoulder so far as you can, while lightly placing the right side of the head on the ground.  Maintain to look past the armpit, towards the roof.

5.    Hold the position for 20-30 seconds as per your capacity.

6.    Push upwards, using the right arm to go back to the starting potion gently.  Then, repeat the stretch with the left wing.

4.  Cat-Cow Pose or बिटिलासन- मार्जारी आसन

Cat-Cow Pose or बिटिलासन- मार्जारी आसन

Like the Child’s Pose, the Cat-Cow Pose is just another easy and gentle yoga practice. It helps in stretching and loosen the shoulders and the muscles which operate the length of your backbone.
Doing this frequently will slowly increase an individual’s flexibility.
To Execute the Cat-Cow Pose

1.    Start on hands and knees, with the knees beneath the buttocks and the wrists beneath the shoulders.
Distribute the fingers wide and push them throughout the palms to evenly spread the weight.  The backbone should maintain a neutral place.

2.    Breathe in.  Allow the tummy drop toward the floor, and stick out the buttocks.  Lift the shoulders and head, push out the chest, and look forward.

3.    Breathe out.  Arch the trunk upward as a cat do.  Tilt the pelvis toward the ribs, then pulling on the shoulder blades off from one another and the stomach from the floor.  Allow the head fall toward the ground.

4.    A shift in between these two postures 5–10 times.

5.  Latissimus dorsi stretch

Latissimus dorsi stretch


Someone can achieve this stretch while standing or seated.  It’s necessary to maintain the spine elongated along with the chest elevated.  This easy exercise also stretches the serratus muscles beneath the arms.
To Execute the latissimus dorsi stretch:

1.Sitting or standing, lift the right hand straight up, over your headBend the elbow, so the right-hand drops toward the top back.

2.Place the left hand on the right elbow and pull the right arm towards the left side.

3.While pulling the right elbow, bend the entire body in a direct line to the left, making sure not to lean backward or forward. 

4.Hold the position for 20-30 seconds as per your capacity then repeat at another side.

6.  Passive backbend

Passive backbend


This easy pose may bring relief after sitting at a desk all day. It helps to stretch neck muscles, arm muscles and chest

·  A towel roll may be needed to perform it.

·    To Execute this pose

 1.Keep the towel roll onto the ground.

 2.Lie on this role as it rests under the shoulder blades, close to the center of the back. 

.     3.Put something below the head if it also requires elevation.Bring the arms at a 45-degree angle, away from the body.

 4. Hold on the position for 2-3 minutes.
7.  Cobra Pose or Bhujang asana or भुजंगासन

Cobra Pose or Bhujang asana or भुजंगासन

This yoga pose concentrates on actively back bending.  Individuals with mid back pain might discover they can’t go very far in the beginning.  Don’t overstretch beyond your comfortable.
Back bending helps stretching the chest as well as strengthening the backbone muscles.

To execute the Cobra Pose

1.Lay face-down on the ground.  Stretch the legs, together with the tops of the feet resting on the ground.
2.Set the palms beneath the shoulders, along with the fingertips pointing forwards. 
3. Bend the elbows and tighten the arms to the body. Try to use buttocks and leg muscles to help push the legs and feet on the ground.
This is vital, as it supports the lower spine while the backbone extends along with the chest lifts.
4. Breathe out.  Push upward, utilizing the arms to softly lift the head, then the chest from the ground.
5.If at all possible, bend the spine further by, making arms straight, and raising the chest farther from the field. 
6. Some individuals aren’t able to do so go as far as is comfortable. Hold the posture for 20-30 seconds, then, gently go back to the ground and then repeat the stretch two to four more times. 
8.  Bridge or सेतु बंधन सर्वांग आसन
Bridge or सेतु बंधन सर्वांग आसन



The bridge may strengthen the muscles that run along the backbone in addition to the ones from the buttocks and stomach thus help in relieving back pain.
Doing this stretch frequently can help someone keep an erect posture when standing or sitting.

To Execute the bridge

1. Lie down on the back with knees bending. The feet should rest flat on the ground, pulled as near as you can to the buttocks, and the arms must be by the sides.
2. Squeezing the buttocks, then lift the pelvis toward the roof, while rolling the torso upwards until the back is off the floor. 
3. The shoulders are currently giving support to your body’s weight. Try to hold this position for 4-5 seconds and continue to concentrate on squeezing the buttocks. 
4. Gradually lower the torso, allowing progressively each vertebra touch the ground until the backrests at level.
5. Repeat the posture 12-15 times per set, and slowly build up into three games.
Strategies for handling back pain

Some simple steps can help alleviate pain and decrease or Protect Against reoccurrence.

Remain active. 

Movement can help alleviate stiffness.  Try to stay busy and do some gentle stretching and exercise through the day.

 Over-the-counter pain drugs, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, can help temporarily relieve pain and decrease inflammation.

Complimentary Ayurveda remedies like massage, sudation or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulations (TENS) assists with chronic back pain.


Practice proper posture when sitting.  Try not to slouch, take normal breaks, and make sure that seats and workstations are appropriate and set up properly.
Many people today discover that standing desks help to relieve from pain.

Pilates and yoga.

 Lots of men and women find that activities like Pilates and yoga can help improve posture and relieve back pain.

So dear friends, these are a few simple but result from oriented Yoga Poses for Mid back pain. Read, practice slowly and get benefitted.

Practice Yoga Be Healthy

Stay tuned friends.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

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