Health And Pets Should you allow pets sleeping in bed with you

Health and Pets

Health and Pets

Let’s discuss today health and pets.

Is it right from a health point of view to allow your pets to share a bed with you?

One of my patients asked me this question, as according to her, her daughter doesn’t sleep without their pet cat, and she was worried about the health aspect of her daughter.

is it healthy to sleep with your pet in bed

Let’s discuss some point regarding it.

We all know how much important are the pets to us.

A recent study revealed that there are more pets than kids in American families.


Statistics state that there’s also has been a rise in the number of Indian families choosing for pets.

Keeping pets in your home has many advantages.

and if you are one of the people who has always desired to have a pet,
You are on the right track.

Don’t waste more time, just grab the one.


Health Benefits of Adopting a Pet

lets discuss a few points as Health and Pets

1. Pets can boost your mood

These can change our mood and emotions in a great way.

Studies have indicated that those who suffer from several ailments have lesser odds of depression when they keep pets as compared to individuals that suffer from similar ailments and do not keep pets.

2.Assist to restrain blood pressure

Pet owners may have comparatively normal blood pressure and heart rates.

This reduces the requirement to carry drugs and can help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

3.Reduce anxiety

Stressed out?

These are proven to decrease stress and anxiety levels.  Experts say people are able to gain relief from stress and depression when they spend some time with these furry friends

4.Means of outing and workout

Desire someone who’ll accompany you for walks?

Dogs may be excellent companions and will gladly go out for walks, even occasionally even advocating you to get a walk, once you’re too exhausted, thus keeping you fit and active.

Other actions associated with these such as bathing, feeding, cleaning, and playing are also great ways to work out.

5.Good companions keeping away loneliness

When you are lonely or feeling low, these can provide you with the best company, you can even share your heart out to them by telling your secrets to them safely, without getting shared to anyone. This can provide you with great relief.

6.Better interpersonal skills

Want to boost your interpersonal skills?

It’s said that those who keep these have been reportedly helpful within their own social relations. Kids always have a respect to all living things who are grown-ups with these friends.

7.Longevity of life

Several studies have shown that those who are inclined to devote their time with these are more likely to survive longer than those who do not.


Possessing a dog in your home is particularly good since they also are caretakers.  No burglar alarm could be greater than a dog in the home.

So, friends, we can easily understand the importance of pets in our life.

Now coming to the main point of discussion in Health and Pets.

Should you allow these pets sleeping in bed with you?

Cats and dogs Want to be in bed because it is warm, comfortable and provides these a feeling of affection and togetherness.

There is nothing really like the company of a pet.

However, its a topic of concern from a health point of you, is it right to be so close to these, as while sleeping, they can come in contact with any part of your body like face etc.

The fast, cuddly reality is that there are plenty of advantages to sleeping with your dogs or even pussycat,

however, based on the conditions, there are a few cautions you may prefer to consider and re-evaluate.

Why we want to sleep with our pets

We have been doing this for ages

Human-animal co-sleeping isn’t a new concept.

Australian study narrates that it’s well mentioned in ethnographies of Indigenous Australians.

“During cold nights, Indigenous Australians were often reported to sleep alongside  their dogs for warmth,”

These days, a dog is slept in the bed not only to provide heat but also to see them as valuable members of the family.

Our pets as well as we love it

Cats and dogs are the most frequent bed visitors, especially smaller breeds.

Dr. Mornement, an animal behaviorist stated  that our pets want to be in bed because it is warm, comfy and they associate that place with favorable things like company and affection,

According to the doctor, It also high up thus gives them a much better perspective of the home,”  noting, cats at multi-pet families like to determine when other pets are approaching.

For us as human beings, our close bonds with these and also the feelings of protection and security they supply are the principal reasons we allow them on the bed with us.

The risk factors associated with this bonding.

Your wellbeing- Health and Pets

In case of your illness, it would be better to keep your dog sleep in its own bed.

On the other way

Cats and dogs can carry various parasites and bacterias, a few of which may be transferred to people, as stated by veterinary health specialist Dr. Jane Heller.

Close contact between humans and these friends may lead to health hazards like

●staphylococcal infections, causing skin infections, and

●parasitic infections like roundworm infection.

●Allergies may also be precipitated by keeping these in the bed.

If the pets are having routine vet checkups and are kept clean hygienically, these risks are low.

Dr. Heller stated that easy means to prevent those would be to prepare the animal to sleep at the end of that in a separate blanket.

Dr. Heller says, if someone has reduced immuno competence (if the immune system is not working at full capacity, like if you’re unwell or undergoing medical therapy ), creating a choice to not sleep with your dog or cat is sensible”.

“That may include pregnant women, but for anybody worried about toxoplasmosis especially,”

Sleep disturbances
Since dogs remain active for approximately 20 percent of their night per cent-sleeping can lead to

“comparatively mild reductions in total sleep quality”

for people,  Australian researchers found.

Sleep disturbances might also be due to mismatches between human, cat and dog core body temperatures.

US researchers have found that the bad effects of human-animal co-sleeping are very less.

Some pets could be more disruptive to our sleeping when not in the bed with us,

for instance, when
scratching at doors or
bark out in late night


In the end, sleeping with your furry friend has emotional, cultural and social advantages, and very Dr health and behavioural risks

many of that may be prevented with training and care.

So friends, during this chilled weather, feel free to company behavioural your bed for better warmth and bonding.

The word of caution is to

keep the proper required hygiene of the pet

And its proper vet checkup from time to time.

What is your opinion on pets in bedrooms, and why?  Share the remarks in the comment section.

Stay tuned friends.

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