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 let’s discuss a few points about natural face skin care routine at home as its winter time and the air are very cold and dry. Due to that, we are getting dry, chapped skin. Also being chill we are unable to take proper care of

Importance of Natural Skin Care

Many of us find it hard to take care of our face. But it’s very easy to follow natural face skin 
Most of us would spend hours cleaning and adding all sorts of creams and ointments and spend lots of money on these treatments which may not give us the effects that we expect.

But the truth is that face care is not really that complicated.

Many women of old age have managed to have fabulous skin without all those treatments and creams and ointments that modern women use today. So let us go back to the basics once more and see what the real essentials for good, healthy skincare.

Just read on and be surprised because it really isn’t that much!

Natural Face Skin Care Routine at Home- Basics

1. First, you need a good and gentle cleanser
Find one that can thoroughly clean the face epidermis and is gentle enough not to leave it dry and rough.



After the wash, it should feel supple and not rough.

You can use a cleanser or soap but the most important thing is, it should be mild enough to retain your natural face protection and should be fit for its type as well.



Liquid cleansers are the most versatile but may not work very well on the oily face while bar soaps are the best option to remove oil and dirt.



2. Second, moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.



Need I say more?



This step is very important because it can replenish the epidermis of the natural moisture that has been washed off during washing. And with its natural moisture replenished its natural defenses are restored as well.



The best moisturizing products should contain safe and effective ingredients such as glycerol, ceramides and hydroxyl acids which also help remove dead cells and replenish its natural oils.



3. Third, protect it from UV rays through a good moisturizer with sunscreen.



This step is the most ignored in facial care regimes. Some moisturizers may already have SPF as part of their ingredients but if your product does not have it yet, then please do include this in your regimen. Too much UV rays can cause skin cancers and hasten photoaging.



So there you have it. These three simple steps can take you a long, long way when it comes to facial health. So just keep it simple and stay beautiful effortlessly!



Now after discussing the basics of daily skin care routine, now let’s discuss the steps involved in it.



It will also be the revision of these basics steps for long-lasting effects for us to indulge in daily care routine.



Four Steps for Skincare routine

probably your friends talking about their night long skin care regimen that they need to do night after night just to get a clear and beautiful glow.



But the truth is, getting clean and a clear healthy glow is not that hard or that lengthy. All you need to do is follow these three basic steps in facial cleansing and you are well on your way to getting that naturally radiant and clean face!



Step One: Cleansing.



All you need for this step is clean water and soap.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is to use a cleanser that is fit for your face type.

For those with a dry face, it is highly recommended that you use cleansers that have added moisturizers to avoid irritations after the wash.



For those with an oily face, however, it is advised that you use a clear facial cleanser and wash your face twice a day.



Step Two






Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells to reveal a newer and more radiant layer at face. This process should be done at most twice a week, just in time for epidermis to regenerate a new layer of it.



There are actually several ways to get an exfoliation, from retinoid and chemical peels. For those who do not want to apply any chemicals on your skin, you can use the good old scrubs but do it very gently if you do not want to feel sore and red after the process.



Step Three






This is essential, for all face types, and yes, even for those with oily faces. It all depends on the kind and the amount of moisturizing cream that you put on.



Apply just enough until you feel your epidermis being supple and avoid over moisturizing or you will clog up your pores.

Step Four



Apply Sunscreen.



Even in cloudy days, UV radiation can still cause damage to your face. Never forget to moisturize before heading out that door. Keep yourself and you protected at all times.



This simple regimen can only take a couple of minutes of your time so there is no excuse for you not to do it every day. They are simple and effective and can make you look fabulous in no time.



Foods for a healthy glow

Creams and ointments are one of the most popular means to treat acne and other facial problems. But the problem with this kind of remedy is that they are only temporary and short-lived.



So for those of you who are looking for long term solutions for these problems, then the best way to fight them is to start living a healthy lifestyle. You are what you eat and if your diet is well balanced and nutritious, then all that goodness will eventually ooze out onto your face.



So if you are ready to change your lifestyle for the better, then here are some tips that will bring you a step closer to naturally beautiful skin and healthy living!



1.    Load up on low-fat dairy products.

These products are gold mines for Vit. A which is one of the most important vitamins for the epidermis. Not only is this a good skin food but can also be beneficial for people with diabetes and thyroid problems.



2.    Start loving berries.



This is probably one of the most delicious cutis treats. Berries contain anti-oxidants which are responsible for removing toxins and free radicals that have accumulated in your body.



3.    Natural essential oils

Essential oils, such as olive oil and extra virgin oil are naturally good for the epidermis. They can be taken indirectly or used for cooking.



4.    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.



Although there have been debates as to the proper amount that should be taken in every day, it is an undeniable fact that water is good for the skin and our overall health. If keeps it hydrated and all those wonderful benefits will follow.



5.    Create a “Green tea-habit”.



The benefits of green tea have already been established. Green tea can be taken in orally as an everyday drink or can be applied directly on the face. It can protect the skin layers from harmful UV and eventually, from cancer that is eventually brought about by UV exposure.

So for those who want to get long term and naturally beautiful skin, start loading up on all these goods and be ready to look fabulous inside and out!



Do drear friends, it was a gentle reminder to keep your skin fresh and feel good, look good just by following simple, natural daily care at home.
We will discuss more practical Ayurveda home remedies for it in coming articles.

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Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

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