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 Obesity is a major lifestyle disorder nowadays, spreading all over the world in adults, along with grown-ups and youngsters, causing physical and mental disorders.

Obesity Risk Factors

Today’s culture has shifted food pattern towards fast food causing obesity. Different apps on our mobiles make it so easy to order food, by just one click of the button.

We have only one task to do, to get off the sofa, open the door to collect the junk food ordered by us.
What hard work!!

Causes of Obesity

Our eating habits are the key to a healthy diet. It starts from the day we are born. The food that our parents introduced to us become habits for life.

If we have a culture of having a balanced diet of fruits vegetables and dairy products daily at our home we will be used to, to that

On the other hand, if we have introduced to lots of oily, spicy, sweet high sugar food at a young age it becomes our normal routine.

●Children have a sweet tooth towards sweets and that is always the main reason for weight gain in youngsters, maybe pastries, Cakes and chocolates, fizzy drinks, shakes.

We are the creatures of our habits. it’s in our nature and changing addictive habits like sugar or oily food are not easy to go.

When a person weighs more than 20%of the normal weight, keeping in view, his or her height, then he or she is considered as obese.

●It also depends upon genetic factors.

the probability of developing health problems increases, if a person in your family suffers from it.

Obesity brings a lot of health issues with it.

Let’s discuss a few, but it’s not very hard and fast. Not every obese person may have these problems, but the chances become more to be grabbed.

Risk factors with Obesity

Have a look at some health problems that are linked to obese or obese individuals.

1.  Heart disease

Fat, in excess, make an individual prone to high blood pressure and increased level of cholesterol.

Both these conditions are leading reasons behind the incidence of different kinds of heart issues or stroke.

Luckily, even losing a little quantity of fat can reduce the probability of becoming affected by heart issues or a stroke.

It is possible to reduce the chances of heart problems simply by losing around 10 percent of your weight.

2.  Type 2 Diabetes

The vast majority of individuals who suffer from Type 2 diabetes suffer from obesity.  You can take various actions to decrease the chances of becoming affected by Type 2 diabetes, Including,

• By dropping weight
• Using a balanced diet
• Exercising frequently
• Sleeping sufficiently

If you currently have Type 2 Diabetes, then you are able to control the degree of blood glucose by remaining active physically and by losing weight down too.

More physically active means that you simply need less medicine to control your diabetes.

3.  Gallbladder Disease

When a person is obese, then the chances of obtaining a gall bladder stones and infections are higher.

you will be less likely to have gallstones if you eliminate weight about 1 or 2 kilograms each week.

Unexpectedly, the fat loss itself, particularly speedy weight reduction or reduction excess weight, can make you prone to becoming affected by gallstones. So never try a crash diet.

Lower your weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle gradually.

4.  Cancer

It is quite shocking to understand that different kinds of cancers which are linked with body components like colon, breast, kidney, endometrium, and stomach are linked to obesity.

A couple of examinations and studies have found connections among cancers of the gallbladder, ovaries, pancreas, with obesity issue.

5.  Osteoarthritis

On account of the excess weight, additional pressure is put on the joints, which hurts the cartilage.

You may lower the strain in your lower back, knees, and buttocks simply by choosing fat reduction, which might also enhance your osteoarthritis condition.

6.  Gout

The joints of a person can be influenced by obesity. This happens whenever there’s an extra uric acid within the bloodstream, which converts into crystal form which gets stored at the joints.

You will be amazed to know that gout affects obese people more in comparison to healthy men and women.

the chances of getting gout increase if someone is overweight.  But you have to seek advice from your physician in the event that you currently have gout and intending to eliminate weight.

7.  Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a breathing problem that develops snoring difficulty in breathing when sleeping.

sleep apnea has been correlated with obesity issue.

Sleep apnea is often the cause of daytime drowsiness and raises the probability of stroke or cardiovascular issues.  But, it’s been seen the proper weight loss improves sleep apnea considerably.

For females – when the waist circumference of is 88 cm and also for

males – when the waist circumference of is 102 cm, then it usually means that the chance of cardiovascular and metabolic complications of obesity is on the higher side.


Treatment for Obesity

Drug Therapy:

Ayurveda Herbs to Take Care of Obesity


Studies on Triphala proved it to act as an
●anti-diabetic, and
●anti-obesity effect.

Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica)

It is proved to be effective for the reduction of

●cardiovascular disease,
●Diabetes and
●anti-inflammatory stress.

This plant also reveals important

●hypolipidemic, and
●anti-atherogenic results

thereby helps to reduce weight.

and also reveals a substantial decrease in
●Free fatty acids and
●Total Cholesterol.

Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica)

reveals mechanisms which likely involve suppression of this absorption of meal-derived lipids mediated by gallic acid, thus helps in maintaining lipid profile in the body.

Dandelion a plant

enables the body to metabolize carbohydrates quicker.

Curry leaves

help to raise the rate of metabolism which then can help in burning extra fat in the body thus relieving obesity.

The herb Alfalfa,

utilize to decrease fat, since it acts as a diuretic and can help enhance the speed of digestion.

Orange Synephrine an alkaloid.

It is an active alkaloid of orange color found in an orange.  It is beneficial to stimulate the adrenal gland and can be helpful to burn off fat.

Garcinia Cambogia a plant

Studies have proven it to melt fat by having a chemical (HCA) hydroxycitric acid in it, having an action similar to citric acid as present in lemons.


Commiphora Mukul has a property to reduce fat.

Triphala Guggul

Simple Daily habits to lose weight gradually

◆Green tea intake

Studies show that those who take 2-3 cups of green tea per day burn an average of 5 per cent more fat than individuals who don’t drink any green tea in any way.

◆Vitamin C is useful to burn off fat

Eat fruits such as lemon, orange, tomatoes. Take lime juice honey every day.

◆Cardamom is a good idea.  It’s called a thermogenic.  It can help to burn off fat.

◆Add Broccoli, Carrots, Beans, and Sweet Potatoes into your Everyday diet.

◆Eat 1 apple every day.

The enzyme, pectin, within it can help reduce the absorption of fats throughout cells.

◆Garlic (Allium sativum)
ought to be used while cooking meals.  It comprises Allicin that helps to decrease cholesterol and can be, consequently helpful to deal with obesity.

◆Jawar, Ragi is also good.

◆For breakfast, have a high fibre cereal using skimmed milk and nuts.

◆Drink Ginger (Zingiber officinale) tea since it helps to burn off fat.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Triphala Guggulu,
Medohar Vati
Vidangadi laugh etc

Take these with the consultation of an Ayurvedic Doctor.


Panchakarma Therapy can also be advisable for the treatment of obesity.


it is a process in which dry massage with medicated powder is done to melt the fat.

So, friends, it was my effort to get aware all of you with this devastating lifestyle disorder, Obesity, its ill effects and measures to combat with it.

Eat healthy, Stay healthy.

Stay tuned friends.

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