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Smoothies for Weight loss most liked breakfast, full of fruits and vegetables, packed with herbs and spices, filled with milk or yogurt, full of energy, super duper my all time favorite, Low calories Smoothies for weight loss and breakfast.

Smoothies for Weight loss

Smoothies for Weight loss- Importance

We all live in an era where smoothies for weight loss are used very commonly. Smoothie has a great role in our diet, especially when we are watching our weight, whether we want to gain or lose(most of the efforts are to lose weight).

The importance of low-calorie smoothies for breakfast becomes more when we are choosy to eat fruits and vegetables.

The kids may have a problem to have a whole apple, but when it’s given in a smoothie way, they can consume it with more interest.

So let’s discuss in detail what is a smoothie, the basic procedure to prepare it, pros and cons it, overeating whole fruit or vegetables and a few my own trusted low-calorie smoothies for breakfast recipes.

What is a Smoothie?

It is a cold beverage, which is thicker than a milkshake, prepared mainly from raw fruits and vegetables, by using a blender.

Ingredients to prepare Smoothie for Weight loss

Low-calorie Smoothies are mostly prepared by blending fruits and vegetables with

●cream free milk,
●cream free yogurt (curd made from cream free milk),
●fruit juice or water,
●natural sweeteners like honey, ●some seeds, and
●herbs and spices.

Smoothies can be a highly nutritious and convenient replacement for breakfast or any meal or can be a refreshing snack if prepared wisely.

These are very easy to prepare,  just collect the ingredients and blend, that’s it.

Now before learning the tricks to prepare low-calorie smoothies, let’s discuss a few points that how much healthy these can be.

The healthy factors in  smoothies are due to its

●fiber content,
●vitamins and minerals,
●healthy sweetener and
●some healthy fat to make it creamy for a good taste.

If we will keep an eye on ingredients, we can have all these health benefits of a smoothie.

Make smoothie a healthy meal option for weight loss- A few tips

◆As smoothies are liquid in form, so these can give us less satisfaction of fullness.

As when we chew our food, our body secretes some hormones to feel full.

So it’s always better to eat a smoothie with a spoon in spite of taking it with a straw.

◆As it is packed with a lot of nutrients so it’s always wise to take it during active hours, for better absorption, Wrong time or less active time intake can pile up with extra calories.

So it’s always good to take low-calorie smoothies at breakfast.

◆If we will not choose the natural sweetener in a smoothie, it can be loaded with high sugar, then it will not be healthy in any way for us.

So it’s always wise to ensure that our low-calorie smoothie has more vegetables than fruits and not white sugar but honey or dates or ripe banana as a sweetener.

◆Take in small portion, as the fruits and vegetables are in blended form so these can be consumed in more amount in liquid form, than the raw form.

So a glass of 250 ml is sufficient for one time, leftover can be fridged for next time use.

◆I am stressing upon to choose ingredients wisely again and again as Smoothies may have more calories if even low-calorie fruits and vegetables will be loaded with sweeteners, high fat, or with ice cream.

This can be fixed by adding seed fat, like flax seeds, chia seeds, etc instead of adding nut butter, peanut butter, etc.

Smoothies are always healthy to take when prepared by low-calorie ingredients, taken at the right time in the right proportion.

The basic procedure to prepare Smoothie

Now let’s have a look at the basic procedure of preparing a yummy, delicious and of course healthy smoothie…

1. Wash your blender and

prepare it to work. It can be prepared in a food processor also but a blender works well.

2. Add the fruits.

Cut the fruits and vegetables to be used.

● We can use any seasonal fruits and vegetables and mix n match them according to our taste.

A few examples of fruits are apples, grapes(black as well as green), mangoes, bananas, peaches, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, watermelon, pineapple, etc.

●Vegetable cucumber, spinach,

3. Add the liquid.

This is another main part of our smoothie. We can take according to our taste.

●Skimmed or cream free milk

●Soy milk for lactose intolerants

●Fat-free yogurt (दही)

●Nut milk like almond or coconut milk

●Fruit juice of an orange, pomegranate, etc.


We can use one to one and a half cup of any of these liquids.

4. Add protein (optional)

We can add 25 gm of paneer or tofu, or some protein powder.

5. Add a sweetener.

To make it tasty, we can add some natural sweetener, but I personally skip it and rely totally upon the sweetness of fruits.

Some healthy choices are

●Ripe bananas

We can add sweeteners according to our taste. At an average 5ml to 15 ml is good enough.

6. Add some natural fat (optional)

My preference

●Flax seeds
●Chia seeds
●Pumpkin seeds
●Sunflower seeds

7. Add some more flavors

to provide a zing to our smoothies.
We can add according to our taste,

●Vanilla extract etc.

8. Add ice cubes(optional)

2-3 ice cubes are enough so as not to thin it out.

9. Blend all the ingredients

first, slow, then on medium.

10 Turn off the blender

once done and let the puree settle for a minute.

It’s good to taste a little before serving to make it more palatable.

11 Garnish it for a good presentation.

Can be garnished with

●A wheel of lemon
●A sprig of mint
●Gooseberries etc

And serve.

Now let me share with you 2-3 my personal smoothie recipes.
◆Green Smoothie recipe

In a blender add

●fresh spinach leaves
●Banana 1
●Skimmed milk
●5gm of flax seeds(optional)

Blend and enjoy.

Trust me, this recipe, being filling, also helps to reduce hair fall have practiced it personally as well on my patients and got many good results to stop hair fall

◆Orange Smoothie recipe

In a blender add

●Half Cucumber
●1 apple
●1 carrot
●1/2 banana
●Cinnamon powder a pinch
●Ginger 1/2inch
●Lemon juice.
●1/2 a cup of water

Blend and enjoy.

◆Brown Drink recipe

In a blender add

●Oats roasted
●1 banana
●Curd 3/4th cup
●Lemon juice

Blend and enjoy.

◆Sunshine Drink

In a blender add

●1 mango pulp
●1 Cup Milk or curd according to taste
●Sunflower seeds

Blend and enjoy

◆Purple Drink

In a blender add

●Black current Grapes
●1 cup Milk
●Pumpkin seeds

Blend and enjoy.

So it’s a time to show your skill and make your energy packed low-calorie smoothies for breakfast, of your choice…
Let’s go.

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