Lemon Water Benefits of Drinking Empty Stomach

Benefits of Lemon Water in weight loss

Each and every person is aware of the health benefits of lemon water although some people prefer it to taste most people consume it for good health.

As we know lemon is the most popular and widely used citrus fruit due to its refreshing flavor and scent making it a wonderful choice to flavor many recipes and perfumes. It is also widely used in all types of drinks from teas and cocktails to juices.

besides, it’s used as a flavor. It has been used for long for its medicinal values.

Lemon Water Importance

 Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C, have a lot of Health Benefits, ranging from its antibacterial and antiviral properties to its immunity building abilities.
 One of the most common ways to get the health benefits of it is by using its juice.
Its juice acts as a detoxifying and digestive agent and helps in cleaning the liver leading to good digestive health.
 This juice is also used as an effective way to reduce weight at it is proved to enhance the body’s metabolic rate. drinking lemon juice with warm water on an empty stomach every morning can have wonderful results.
 also consuming warm lemon water every morning has various other benefits. Let’s discuss these ones by one.

Benefits Of lemon water

There are not many scientific shreds of evidence about the benefits of lemon but we have experienced ourselves about its benefits and water separately, both are very good for us.

It helps in weight loss easily

It is found in studies that the polyphenols and antioxidant present in lemons are responsible to reduce weight gain despite a high-fat diet.
Studies have shown that while consuming it in daily routine, as the people drinking it regularly reported, it helps in easier weight loss.
 Although it is not very much clear that if the combination of both is the root cause. it may also be considered as drinking more water help weight watchers to feel full and avoid overeating.

It helps in better hydration of the body

It’s a proven fact that proper hydration is very good for health. It’s always good to consume 2 to 3 liters of water per day some of these can be replenished from food but the rest of it needs to be taken in extra amount.
But as we have seen that most of the people actively dislike the taste of plain water and they are not very much excited to drink it at their own but by adding lemon to water.
it enhances the flavor and encourages people to drink more water and as a result, get hydrated.

3. Source of enough Vitamin C

As we all know Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that has a lot of health benefits. It’s always taken from outside as our bodies don’t synthesize it.
There are a lot of benefits of Vitamin C. This can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and stroke. Vitamin C is good for our health and helps in prevention of aging by bonding with free radicals.
Also, Vitamin C is thought to shorten the duration of the common cold
So friends lemons are a very rich source of vitamin C which by adding to your water regularly can help to reach the recommended daily amount of 60 mg per day.
4. helpful to supply your skin and looking younger
It is a proven fact that hydrated skin is happy skin. So drinking more water is a very good start to get the skin tight and smooth.
it is also helpful in expelling toxins while sweating. But the point is that we can’t take much amount of pure water, so the lemon water taken has a double benefit for our skin.
 Also, Vitamin C in lemon helps to reduce wrinkle in the skin that makes you look younger as well as it supports the production of collagen and elastin for the good health of the skin.
 the lemon water is a powerful drink to preserve a youthful face.
5. It enhances the metabolism
 Many people find it good to take warm this drink first thing in the morning to enhance the metabolism and other good health of the digestive system.
 In fact, there is no real evidence that adding lemon to water makes a big difference but water in general, when consumed in morning empty stomach can help to get our metabolism up, After a period of rest.
Getting enough water is also helpful to relieve constipation. So it’s always good to add lemon in water to make it easily palatable. And getting the maximum benefits of it.
6. It helps to get a fresh breath
Its fragrance helps to neutralize odor that’s why it is a common ingredient in all manners of cleaning products.
 The same principle applies when we need to abolish bad breath from the foods like onions, garlic or fish.
It also stimulates the production of saliva that is very important because dry mouth smells more due to Excess bacterial growth.
7. Helps to prevent  kidney stones formation

Kidney stones basically are calcium oxalate deposits and more citric acid is recommended to reduce the risk of developing them.

So this being a citrus fruit, it is a great source of citric acid. Also, more water is important to keep your Kidneys healthy. So the combo of both is a good deal for people who are prone to stones.

You need to drink just half a cup of its juice daily. it will provide the same amount of citric acid as in the prescribed medications for people having kidney stones.
8. Helps to boost up immunity
Its Juice helps to strengthen our immune system being a rich source of vitamin C. Its juice protects the body from immune system deficiencies.
9.Maintains the pH balance of the body
Consuming its juice with warm water in morning empty stomach helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body that helps to keep the equilibrium and helpful for the good health of the digestive tract.
10. Source of other nutrients along with Vitamin C
 it’s also a good source of Phosphorus Magnesium Potassium etc.
11. helps skin problems
Being rich in collagen and elastin and having antibacterial and antiviral properties, it helps to heal acne rashes and dark spots.
12. Detoxifying the liver
 It promotes the liver to flush out toxins that help in cleansing of the liver for its better functioning.
13. Helps to fight infections
 Being its good anti-inflammatory properties it helps in fighting sore throat, tonsillitis, and other respiratory tract infections.
Also due to anti-inflammatory properties helps reduce joints and muscle pains.
So, friends, we have discussed in detail all the miraculous benefits of lemon and lemon water
. Make it a habit to include it in it in your daily practice to consume lemon juice with water whenever you get a chance to get and stay benefited and be healthy.

One word of caution is to try to consume fresh juice of it as much as possible in place of bottled ones.

I hope you will like this article.

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