Facial Recognition-How does facial recognition work?

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

How does facial recognition work?

Within just a few decades facial recognition has gone from being some staple of highly advanced security system in movies to existing all around us and even in the palms of our hands.

The technology has been implemented in several ways in our society.

some phones use facial recognition to grant access and some government like China are using facial recognition on databases like driver’s license for a variety of reasons.

when we have got fun things like Snapchat filters that utilize facial detection, now there is a big difference between facial detection and facial recognition

Facial Recognition- Difference Between facial detection and facial recognition

With facial detection the computer says, yes that’s a face and with facial recognition, the computer says that is your face.

This ability to confirm identity is something our brains pick up on pretty quickly when we are young, but it’s actually pretty Complex problem for computers.

So, let’s take a look at the recognition and the science of how it works.

Face Recognition Technology

When you think of a human face you probably think of a pretty basic set of features, a face has, eyes, a nose, and a mouth but obviously, there are more to a face then just these features.

in fact, to get a good idea of how complex this problem can be, you can draw a bunch of different peoples faces.

You will notice that there is a difference in a lot of factors, like the width of the nose, the distance between the eyes the shape and the size of the mouth and so on.

Some facial recognition technologies look at up to 80 factors of the faces to help identify unique features and ultimately identities. These features get to be pretty detailed observing things like the depth of eye sockets the height of cheekbones and the shape of the jawline.

of course with so many detailed factors to be measured, some complications can arise, for instance, consider the problem of aging faces. As we could get older we look different.

In order to work around this, computers have learned what features tend to go relatively unchanged. No matter how old we get and they look closely at these features.

But even if we never did age there would still be everyday complications. It happens, when the computers try to analyze your face but you are not looking at its sensor or camera at precisely the same angle every time.

This is something humans encounter on a daily basis but never really have a problem with. For computers, though, this can present a seriously complicated obstacle in detecting and recognizing faces, so engineers have found a few different techniques to work around this.

Facial Recognition Algorithm

A lot of phones that utilize facial recognitions will prompt you to move your face around when you set up the facial identification system.

in order to know what you look like, from different angles, other systems utilize 2D to 3D Technologies to map a 2D image of your face onto a 3D model to calculate what you would look like from different angles.

Computers measure these factors down to scale smaller than a millimeter. In order to generate a faceprint which as the name implies is basically of the fingerprint but for your face and this face prints have become incredibly accurate

These are able to correctly identify people with a near hundred percent of accuracy and more and are even able to detect the minor differences in identical twins.

as the technology has improved and become more widespread the possibilities for its uses have grown as well.

Right now we use facial recognition every day for things like phone security but the technology is seeing more serious uses, from important organizations like banks and even governments.

in Japan, some banks are looking at implementing facial recognition technologies into their ATMs as a security measure for verifying transactions.

in the United States, important government agencies like ICE and the FBI are you using recognition to create databases from existing documents like a drivers license

Whatever the use, we know that this technology is becoming more and more present in our daily lives and does not look like that it will be stopping anytime soon.

So as in the case with all things, it’s important that we stay educated and informed about these Technologies and after all, they are learning as much, as they can about us.

Friends, this was all about, Facial Recognition-How does facial recognition work?

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