Blood Test | Blood Test For A Female | 7 Important Tests

Blood Test
Blood Test

Blood Test-A woman goes through many situations in her life. She tries to maintain the right balance between work and her personal life. From a healthy diet to fitness, there are many factors, by taking care of these, women can keep themselves healthy.

Along with taking the right diet for fitness, it is important to have health tests regularly. In the midst of a busy schedule, every woman must undergo some tests to get a disease-free lifestyle.

Increasing pollution, sedentary lifestyle, dependence on fried and junk foods have put many people at risk of diseases.

In this article, let’s know 7 such important tests for women, which should be done from time to time, so that they can be aware of their health, and can live a healthy and happy life.

Blood Test-7 Important Tests For A Female

1. Blood Test-Haemoglobin Test-Test For Anemia

Anemia is a common issue among women in India. There are many possible reasons behind this such as malnutrition, heavy menstruation, bleeding disorders, and many other factors. The test for anemia is a basic test that every woman should undergo.

2. Blood Test-Thyroid Test

The thyroid is also a common issue in Indian women and is also a reason behind weight gain. This is a normal test that can be done through a simple blood test, which every woman should do.

3. Blood Test-Check-Up For Blood Sugar Levels

A blood sugar test is also necessary because once this disease occurs, it can become a burden for life. Diabetes patients are increasing worldwide. A significant increase in diabetes cases has been registered in India. A medical test is necessary for diabetes or blood sugar levels.

To control the risk of diabetes of the child, it is necessary to have a blood sugar test before pregnancy.

4. Check for Blood Pressure Reading At Regular Intervals

High blood pressure is also a serious health issue these days. High blood pressure can greatly increase the risk of heart diseases.

The proper examination will help doctors to find out the real cause of high blood pressure and can also help in preventing related health problems. Regular screening can help reduce the risk of blood pressure.

5. Blood Test – Lipid Profile for Heart Health

The lipid profile should be checked to determine the heart health of the woman. Heart diseases are also increasing these days and most women suffer from this by not examining it. Therefore, women must check their lipid profile.

6. Mammography and Pap Smear Test

Breast cancer and cervical cancer are two common cancers in women. Every woman should opt for mammography for breast cancer and pap smear test for cervical cancer at least once in her lifetime.

7. Bone Density Test

Women are also at greater risk of bone-related issues and usually suffer from reduced bone density. Screening should be done for vitamin D3 and calcium levels. This test is necessary for women.

So, friends, this is all about, Blood Test | blood test for a female | 7 Important Tests.

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