Myths And Facts About Coronavirus | 15 Myths And Facts-Coronavirus

Myths And Facts About Coronavirus
Myths And Facts About Coronavirus

Myths And Facts About Coronavirus | 15 Myths And Facts-Coronavirus-As Cleared By WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION)

Panic about the Coronavirus has increased in the hearts of people so much that they have now started believing many rumors, viral on social media about this infection, very easily. So, it’s the demand of the time to know about, Myths And Facts About Coronavirus

To protect people from the tension caused by such rumors, the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) has tried to reveal the truth behind these, by sharing some facts about viral myths and confusion about the coronavirus.

In this article, let’s know the facts about these myths.

There may be some such myths among these viral rumors, which you are also accepting as true. Amid such rumors, let us know what is the advice of the World Health Organization to the people.

Myth #1. Coronavirus does not spread in hot and moist weather

Coronavirus does not spread in hot and humid climates, it is a myth. The World Health Organization states that coronavirus can spread anywhere, any region, even in hot and moist weather. Coronavirus infection has no relation to the environment or climate.

Myth #2. Cold weather and ice eliminate coronavirus

According to WHO, this is a myth. Cold weather or ice cannot eradicate the virus of new coronavirus or any other disease. Whatever the outside temperature, our average body temperature is 36.5 to 37-degree centigrade.

Myth #3. Bathing with warm water kills coronavirus

If you wish, take a bath with hot water, but this does not affect the coronavirus. Coronavirus does not die by this because the body temperature is 36.5 to 37 degrees.

Myths And Facts About Coronavirus

Myth #4. Coronavirus spreads by mosquito bite

The WHO says that so far no such case has been reported in which mosquito bites have spread coronavirus. There is no proof of this either. The new coronavirus is a respiratory virus that spreads mainly when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or comes in contact.

Myth #5. Coronavirus dies from hand dryers

Of course not. Hand dryers do not effect coronavirus. Hand dryers are unable to kill the virus.

Myth #6. Ultraviolet disinfectant lamp kills coronavirus

Ultraviolet disinfectant lamps have no role in killing coronaviruses. It also does not kill germs of the skin of your hands or other parts of the body. Rather, it can cause skin irritation.

Myths And Facts About Coronavirus

Myth #7. Thermal scanner reveals corona infection

Thermal Scanner is being used in place to check for coronavirus infection. But WHO says thermal scanners can detect fever by detecting body temperature. But the coronavirus cannot detect the infected person, because sometimes the corona infected person takes 2 to 10 days to get a fever.

Myth #8. Coronavirus dies from alcohol/chlorine spray on the body

No, coronaviruses that have entered your body do not die by spraying alcohol or chlorine on the body. Rather, spraying such things on the body can harm you. Yes, spraying these things on a lifeless surface like the floor is definitely beneficial.

Myth #9. Coronavirus spreads by pets

No cases of coronavirus infection from pets have been reported so far. Nevertheless, the WHO says that you must wash your hands with soap after coming in contact with pets. This habit also protects you from diseases like bacterial infections like E-Coli and salmonella.

Myth #10. Pneumonia protects the vaccine from coronavirus

Myths And Facts About Coronavirus

No, A vaccine to prevent pneumonia cannot prevent new coronavirus. The virus is brand new and requires a new vaccine. Researchers are pursuing an anti-covid 19 vaccine. WHO is supporting their efforts.

Myth #11. Cleaning the nose with saline prevents.

There is no evidence that frequent cleaning the nose with saline prevents coronavirus. Yes, in some places it is definitely told that people bad cold recovers quickly due to frequent cleansing of the nose from saline.

Myth #12. Eating garlic can prevent corona infection

Garlic is good for health. But so far, there is no evidence that eating garlic can prevent coronavirus infection.

Myth #13. Coronavirus attacks the elderly and children

People of every age group are infected with New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). It is not that it only infects the elderly and children or young people. Yes, the virus definitely affects the elderly and people with asthma, diabetes or heart disease.

Myth #14. Antibiotics are effective in the treatment of coronavirus

Myths And Facts About Coronavirus

So far, there is no definitive medicine that is effective in preventing or treating new coronaviruses. However, infected people are being given proper care and treatment. Also, research is going on on specific treatment for this virus.

Myth #15. Death is certain due to coronavirus.

It is not so, experts say that the risk of death due to this infection is about 20 percent. So this myth is not right that death is certain to happen due to coronavirus.

So, friends, this is all about, Myths And Facts About Coronavirus | 15 Myths And Facts-Coronavirus

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