Yoga-Yoga For Stomach Problems | Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga-Kag asan
Yoga-Kag asan

Yoga-Yoga For Stomach Problems | Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga For Stomach Problems. Nowadays liver, gas, acidity, and kidney problems are affecting people very commonly. In such a situation, we take many types of medicine whether it is home remedies for stomach gas or treatment of kidney diseases. We have become limited to only medicines and have left using natural methods.

In this article, let’s know about a yoga asana that we can practice and keep our family and ourselves healthy.

So, friends, this yoga is, Kag asana

If you practice Kag asana daily then you can get rid of liver, gas and kidney problems. also, Kagasan can be very beneficial for reducing belly fat. This yoga is a natural treatment for all these problems.

According to the name of this pose, your shape should be similar to that of a crow while performing Kag asana, where, Kag means crow.

If you have acidity, liver, stomach and kidney problems, then you should practice Kag asana daily in the morning.

This Yog can be very beneficial for you.

So now, let’s know, how to do Kagasan as well as the benefits of kag asana. With some precautions, you can do this Yogasan easily.

So, first, let’s know the benefits.

Yoga-Benefits of doing Kag asana

  • Kag asana is beneficial in reducing abdominal fat.
  • It also helps in reducing the fat of thighs along with the stomach.
  • Breathing related problems can be overcome.
  • You can get rid of liver problems.
  • It’s also good to relieve stomach gas.

Kag asana can help relieve stomach problems.

Now, let’s know, how to practice Kag asana?

Yoga-Kag asana Method

  • First of all, stand upright so that the posture of the body is in a careful position. The toes should be straight and the palms stick to the waist.
  • Focus on your breath for a while.
  • The breath should be slow, long and deep.
  • While exhaling, slowly sit on both the legs together in such a way that there is no difference between the two legs.
  • Now hold the left knee with the left palm and the right knee with the right palm in such a way that both elbows come between the thighs, chest, and abdomen.
  • Do not move the sole of the feet left and right and stay in the front. Keep the neck, spine, and waist straight.
  • Taking a deep pressure on the ground with the right heel, take a deep breath and move the head to the left.
  • After a few seconds, while exhaling, bring the head back to the front.
  • Practice moving the head to the right side by applying pressure on the ground with the left heel again.


There is a way to do every asana, if you have problems in the ankles, waist, thighs, and knees, do not do this asana. To do this, please consult an expert.

So, friends, this is all about, Yoga-Yoga For Stomach Problems | Yoga For Weight Loss

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