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I, Dr. Seema Gupta, the owner of this site Ayurved Guide, is a Senior Ayurvedic Doctor, serving humanity from the last 21 years.


I have completed my BAMS degree (Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and Surgery) from Rajiv Gandhi Post Graduate Ayurvedic College, Paprola, District Kangra(Himachal Pradesh), from one of the best Ayurveda College Of North India, in 1997

After completing my Bachelor degree, completed my one year  House job in Gynaecology.

I am happy to announce that I received a scholarship from my 5th class onwards to my bachelor degree as an honorarium after clearing each and every examination for that.

I have studied the integrated pathy, Ayurved correlated with modern medicine or allopathy.

In 1990, Central Council of Indian Medicine created a new syllabus for BAMS students, so that we can better treat our patients, as from the ancient time of Ayurveda till now a lot of studies on the human body have been done.

We have studied Chaurasia’s and Gray’s Anatomy, Guyton’s Physiology, Davidson’s Medicine and so on.

It was a good step of CCIM, as it helped we Ayurveda students to know more precisely about the human body and reach a proper diagnosis to treat them accurately by our pathy.

From then, I am practicing Ayurveda from last 21 years.

During this period, I have treated almost 2 lakh patients successfully with ayurvedic medicines, yoga therapy, lifestyle change, diet changes, mental boosting, and personal attention towards the root cause of ailments.

Extra Coricular activities-About Us

I teach Yoga to my patients, according to their disease in my OPD itself.

Extra Curricular activities-About Us

Forever Learner-About Us

 I consider myself a ‘forever student’ to study more and more in my field so that my patients can be benefited with new researches. I am fully devoted to my profession.

I am proud to be an Ayurveda Practitioner as Ayurveda is a very practical pathy and its preventive, as well as medicinal regimes, are very suitable for our body.

During my work, I am also very active in social services to uplift our society.

Serving Humanity-About Us

I actively participate in cleanliness campaigns and tree plantations to make people aware of the polluted environment that will prevent them from various airborne diseases.

Serving Humanity-About Us

I work with many Social NAGIOS and provide free services in many medical camps.

Serving Humanity-About Us

 I have worked in large scale on female foeticide project to make people aware of the importance of girl child and decreasing male to female ratio and was rewarded by many AGIOS for this.

Serving Humanity-About Us

I always offer my services for many social causes, like, adolescent health care, drug abuse, polio eradication, peer pressure in adolescents for which I am honoured many times.

Serving Humanity-About Us

There is always an invitation to judge flower shows as we have studied herbal plants in very details during our bachelor course.

Serving Humanity-About Us

Sometimes I get invitations from various schools for guest lectures, to teach the students, healthy lifestyle through Ayurveda as it’s the first aim of Ayurveda to keep a person healthy and we all know better that,

 Prevention is better than cure.

Serving Humanity-About Us
Serving Humanity-About Us

Personal Info-About Us

I belong to a very beautiful place Solan, near to the famous hill city, Shimla, H.P.

I am happily married to Dr Arvind Gupta from the last 20 years. He is also an Ayurveda Practitioner and a gold medalist in his bachelor degree. He has done a house job in Medicine and a successful practitioner.

My only son Arpit is studying MBBS UG degree.

My hobbies are reading, writing, travelling.

My favourite pets are dogs and guinea pigs.

I also love to workout at gym, aerobic exercises, followed by yoga and Pranayam, the best therapies of Ayurveda for a healthy life.

Personal Info-About Us

I also love to cook a healthy meal for my family and I will share my personal diet plans with you all.

Media Coverage-About Us

Media has a soft angle towards my work, and they appreciate my efforts time to time in leading newspapers.

Personal Info-About Us

My Motivation

My mom is a great motivation for me to become a doctor and as a social worker also along with my profession, as it was her strong desire to become a doctor and serve the needy people.

She is the topper of Punjab University in her matriculation in 1964. But due to conservative behaviour of her parents at that time she didn’t continue her studies.

So it was her utmost dream which she has completed through me.

My second motivation to do out of my capacity for society is my husband, who always cooperates me to do more n more for needy patients and society.

And now my third motivation is Imran Sir, a famous technical guru, https://www.imransir.com without whom help, it would have been impossible for me to reach at this platform to reach globally.

I was trying to create my blog by watching videos from last 6 months but, it was like beating the bush.

Then my good luck, I have gone through his youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/imransir .channel. He explains each and every step in such an easy manner, that now I m in.

My Positive Attitude-About Us

I always have a positive attitude for any condition or for any person that is helpful for me to keep away stress and maintain my mental peace.

My funda of living life is that.

“Everything happens for the better”

And this thinking keeps me fully contented, that’s why I am able to keep harmony in my professional as well as social life.

After treating about 2 lakh patients in a small sphere I want to extend my work area and spread my knowledge to worldwide for the benefit of society.

Ayurveda is an ancient pathy and I want it to be in reach of each and every people of the world through this website so that everyone can be benefited by this magical therapy.

Stay tuned friends.

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DR. Seema Gupta