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Ayurveda Body Type Diet| Balancing Vata Pitta Kafa| Lifestyle

Ayurveda Body Type Diet-In my last article, we have discussed Vata, pitta, kafa body and the characteristics


Hope now you must have known about your body type with respect to doshas with the help of characters mentioned thereof each dosha type. Let’s discuss Ayurveda Body Type Diet Balancing Vata Pitta Kafa

Importance of Vata Pitta Kafa Diet

You must have also noticed that your body may have mixed characters from any of two doshas called a dual Dosha body type, that is very common.

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But Ayurveda considers it not a good body type.

Pure one dosa body type is considered to be good and the Three Dosha body type is considered as best body type according to Ayurveda in which there is an equal balance of vata, pitta and kafa.

Most of us understand that for healthy living we need a balanced diet comprising of

Carbohydrates proteins and fats minerals vitamins etc

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But Ayurveda teaches us the principal to balance our body with the help of Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle.

The Ayurvedic diet is one which not only hydrates our entire body but also promotes equilibrium of three doshas that is extremely essential for preserving the health

Based on our dosha or inherent form some foods may be beneficial and many others must be avoided because these very same foods might have the opposite impact on a different dosha.

The science of Ayurveda teaches that diet is the basis of recovery

For optimum health and energy, the perfect diet is one which balances our doshas

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Let’s discuss all in detail

Ayurveda Body Type Diet

ayurveda explain six Rasa theory.

रस स्वादु अम्ल लवण तिक्तम ऊष्ण कषायशब्द द्रव्यम

1. Swadu Madhur sweet
2. Amal Sour
3. Lavan salt
4. Katu pungent
5. Tikt bitter
6. Kashay astringent

 Constitution of 6 Rasa’s

Madhur earth and water

its tendency is to decrease vata and Pitta and increase kapha

Sour earth and fire

Its tendency is to Decrease Vata and increase Pitta and kapha

Salty water and fire

Its tendency is to decrease water increase Pitta and kapha

Pungent fire and air

It tendency Is to increase vata and Pitta and decrease kafa

Tikt  air and space

Its tendency is to increase water decrease Pitta and kafa

Astringent air and earth

its tendency is to increase vata decrease Pitta and kafa

Theory Of Ayurveda Body Type Diet

As we already know that our body is governed by three doshas vata, pitta and kafa and we discussed that each dosh is made up of two components of these five components, every dosh lacks other three basic elements. So if we want to balance any of this dosha we should have the food consisting of remaining three basic elements

To keep ourselves healthy we have to watch out the balanced food, its nature and its effect on particular dosha.

For example, if we take food that is pungent, bitter and astringent in taste, having space and air elements in it activate or imbalance our vata dosha

As vata dosa has space and air elements in it,

To balance it consume food having remaining three elements like fire, earth and water, means a food having sweet, sour and salty taste will balance the vata Doha.

Our ancestors and mothers were very well aware of this Ayurvedic concept so they always insisted us to consume foods of every taste in our diet for a balanced food.

But nowadays to please our taste buds we are ignoring this knowledge and are more concerned about junk foods that those have a mix taste as they are not the natural products.

Imbalance of Vata Pitta Kafa doshas and their Remedies

Let us discuss imbalance of Vata Pitta Kafa doshas and their remedies

Signs of Vata Dosha imbalance

• Craving of warmth
• Disturb sleep
• Weight loss
• Dry skin
• Frequent illnesses
• digestive system causing constipation, bloating
• Dehydration

Causes of Vata imbalance

• Consuming Vata aggravating foods
• Consuming stale or cold food
• Irregular eating timings
• Less eating
• consuming more black tea coffee or alcohol
• suppression of body urges like an excretion of stool and urine, sneezing, passing flatus etc.
• Overexertion
• Sleeping up too late hours

Balancing Vata

Vitiated vata dosh those can be balanced by keeping in balance the following points


• Consume Warm heavy oily food food
• Consume sweet salty and sour tasting diet
• Avoid cold or stale food
• Use pure ghee in diet
• Resume stream
• Consume steamed vegetables
• Consumer ripe Sweet fruits
• Use spices like coriander cumin cloves mustard black pepper fennel ginger in diet
• Tea, lemon tea, herbal tea is good for you
• Jaggery are good brown sugar or shakkar and honey are good
• avoid using white sugar
• Frozen curd or ice cream should be avoided.
• Spicy foods are usually acceptable for vata


• Beetroot
• Carrots
• Cucumber
• Garlic onions
• Radish
• Potato


• Bananas
• Mangoes
• melon
• All sweet food fruits


• Oats
• Rice
• Wheat

Signs of imbalance of Pitta doshas

• Digestive problems like acidity heartburn  after missing a meal
• Frequent diarrhoea attacks
• Inflamed skin
• Acne
• Inflammation of joints
• More body heat
• The feeling of anger and irritability
• Causes of imbalance of pitta dosha
• Eating Pitta aggravating food like sour salty
• Smoking cigarettes
• Overwork
• Eating while angry or tired
• Overaggressive
• vitiated pitta dosh balance by following these points
• Our diet should contain sweet, bitter and  astringent taste
• Avoid salt sour food
• Reduced intake of hot and spicy food
• Eating sweet food to reduce Pitta
• eating and steamed vegetables
• Drink warm milk
• Avoid  jaggery
• Avoid sour cream and yoghurt
• Olive oil Is best to use
• Spices like mint curry leave cloves cardamom coriander should be used.


• Leafy green vegetables cabbage cauliflower
• Brinjal
• Carrots
• Tomatoes
• Mushrooms
• Capsicum
• Peas


• Apple
• Banana
• Apricot


• Oats
• Rice

Signs Of kapha Dosha balance

• Weight gain
• obesity
• Water retention
• Swelling of body
• High levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body
• Increase blood sugar levels
• Increased frequency of a cough and cold
• laziness

Causes of kafa Dosha imbalance

• Eating sweet salty fatty foods
• Overeating
• Let’s physical activity
• Sleeping all the time

Vitiated  kafa Dosha can be treated by keeping in view of these points


●Diet should have pungent bitter and astringent taste foods
• Avoid sweet sour and salty foods
• Use Honey instead of white sugar
• Fat or oil consumption should be low
• Strong spices like pepper cinnamon, garlic coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, basil, fennel, ginger stimulating digestion should be used.


• Bitter vegetables like leafy Greens

Ayurveda Body Type Diet| Balancing Vata Pitta Kafa| Lifestyle

Friends, this was the science of Ayurveda and tips to keep in balance our tridosha with the help of knowing our body type and decide our food accordingly.

Eat healthy stay healthily

Stay tuned friends

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Dr Seema Gupta
Senior Ayurvedic Medical Officer.

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