Exercises For Frozen shoulder-Frozen Shoulder Stiffness Treatment|Yoga


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Exercises For Frozen shoulder-Frozen Shoulder Stiffness Treatment|Yoga

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Frozen Shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a painful condition. The question is whether it is good to Exercise For Frozen shoulder or practice yoga with a frozen shoulder or not. It depends upon the stages of the frozen shoulder you are in to decide for yoga practice.

Friends as we have discussed already in detail what is frozen shoulder the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Now let’s discuss whether yoga is good in the improvement of frozen shoulder or not

Exercises For Frozen shoulder or Yoga Practice Frozen Shoulder Good or Bad

So, friends, it’s always good to stay as active as you can so you have to keep on moving. While performing Yoga you have to do more Standing and floor poses with the arm in different positions in modified form.

It’s a key factor to keep your body moving by walking and modified exercises and yoga poses, up to the limit, that you can manage.

Exercises For Frozen shoulder-Yoga Practice For Frozen Shoulder

It also depends upon the stages of frozen shoulder.

Exercises For Frozen shoulder-During the first stage of freezing

There is severe pain so the active movement is avoided and that you can only do the pendulum exercises in which wave the arms trending like in empty coat sleeve.

Active movements causing pain be avoided as they can increase the bouts of pain, especially in night.

Pendular exercises will help to decrease the constant ache that occurs in the first phase of freezing.

Exercises For Frozen shoulder-In the second stage of frozen

Try to do some yoga or exercise in this phase

One can move into the available range of motion as long as there is no pain, no need to overdo.

In this stage, one can practice yoga and exercise to some extent. If it will be done in moderate fashion up to your capacity it will not increase pain afterward.

Exercises For Frozen shoulder-Stage of Thawing or recovering

This is the most responsive stage to practice Yoga or exercise. Here one can try Yoga and exercise to improve better from frozen shoulder.

So it is concluded that in frozen shoulder yoga and exercise practice can be done, but with patience.

In the first stage, modified practices can be done
In the 2nd stage, all movements can be possible as per the capacity.
And in the 3rd stage, try to explore more range and stretching with the shoulder, of Yoga and exercise.

So friends exercise and yoga is the most needed method in the treatment of the frozen shoulder.

Exercises For Frozen shoulder & Yoga practice frozen shoulder is good as Yoga can stretch or strengthen the muscles of the shoulder, neck and upper back region. It can take some time to get the best results for frozen shoulder pain, as we can’t overdo any exercise otherwise it can worsen the condition.

Now Let’s discuss some Yoga Poses beneficial in Frozen Shoulder

One thing should be kept in mind very strictly that don’t overdo any exercise and start it with some warm-ups, like jogging, Jumping Jacks, and when the body is warm and energetic, some shoulder exercises like shoulder rolling, neck rolls, and twisting posture can be done.

After that, some advanced poses like stretching can be done.
in starting you may feel some rigidity, but with the passage of time and regular practice the big the body begins to open up and the stiffness lessons and tightness reduces and the shoulder joint becomes more flexible.

It is very useful to relax your tight muscles and help to cool down the mind with the worsening pain of the frozen shoulder.

1. Shava Asana or Corpse Pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

Shavasana or Corpse Pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder


  • Lie down on the floor
  • Keep the legs straight on the floor and feet apart by shoulder width.
  • put the arms straight with hands placed about 5 inches away from the body.
  • keep the head and spine in a straight line.
  • try to loosen the whole body and stop all physical movements.
  • Keep a track of your breathing mentally and allow it to become regular and relaxed.

2. Bhujang asana or Cobra Pose- Exercises For Frozen shoulder

This asana helps to relieve the stiffness of the shoulder and neck and strengthen the spine muscles.

3. Makarasana or Crocodile Pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

Makarasana or Crocodile Pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

This pose is effective to treat Cervical Spondylitis and the pain in neck and shoulders due to frozen shoulder.

It also helps the spine to resume its normal shape and also helps to release compression of the spinal nerves if any.

4. Bal Shayan asana or Infant’s Pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

This pose helps to relieve lower back pain and cervical Spondylitis helps to increase the range of motion in the frozen shoulder.

5. Nauka Aasan or boat pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

This is effective for back problems and neck. It helps to stretch the muscles of the shoulder and increases the range of movement of arms.

6. Shalabh Aasan of locust pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

Shalabhasana or Locust Pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

Asan is highly beneficial stretching thereby increasing the range of motion in the frozen shoulder. It is a very useful gentle back extension yoga.

7. Shashank Bhujangasan or striking Cobra Pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

This Asan also improves the flexibility and strength of the spine, so it is beneficial in strengthening muscles of the shoulder joint thereby relieving the pain.

8. Matsyasana or fish pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

This pose is extremely beneficial for shoulder pain and also helps to overcome stress and strain caused by the prolonged sitting in front of the computer. It’s also useful to provide strength and flexibility to the spine.

9. Surya Namaskar or Sun salutation-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

Performing this wonderful yoga regularly and systematically and with caution helps to relieve the pain of frozen shoulder and provides the mobility and increases the range of motion.

10. Garud Aasan or Eagle Arms pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

Garudasana or Eagle Arm Pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

This pose helps to stretch the shoulders and upper back portion
It helps to loosen the stiffness and release any tension in them.


  • Sit on the floor or in a chair
  • Cross your right arm in such a way below the left arm to wrap the forearms so that palms of both hands touch each other.
  • If your stiffness doesn’t allow you to perform this pose, try to keep your arms on opposite Shoulders,
  • Now lift the elbows up in a line

11. Ushtra Asana or Camel Pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

  • This pose helps to stretch and strengthen the front of the body.
  • It helps to increase the mobility of arms.
  • It also helps to relieve the body for backache.

12. Dhanurasan or Bow Pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder
  • This pose is a good stress reliever and fatigue reliever.
  • It helps to open the chest neck and shoulders does help to relieve the Shoulders stiffness.


  • Lie down on stomach with feet hip-width apart and arms by the side of your body.
  • Fold the knees, take the hands backward and hold your ankles.
  • While inhaling lift your chest off the ground and pull the legs up.
  • Try to look straight ahead.
  • Hold the pose and breathe. Your one body is now in curved posture as a bow.
  • Don’t overdo and bend only as much as your body permits. Do not overdo.
  • After 15 to 20 seconds breathe out, and gently bring the legs and chest to the ground, realizing the ankles and get relax.

13. Purvottanasana of upward plank pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

Purvottanasana of upward plank pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

This pose helps to improve the range of motion of the shoulder joint.
Strengthens back wrists and ankles. It also helps to stretch the shoulder joint, chest and neck thereby increasing the range of motion in the frozen shoulder.


  • Start with Dandasan or staff pose, placing hands behind hips, so that fingertips point towards your feet.
  • Bend the knees and place feet on floor hip-width apart.
  •  While exhaling, press hands and feet firmly on the floor and lift your hips, so that they are in the same line as shoulders and arms must be straight.
  • Try to involve spinal muscles by straightening your legs, pointing toes outwards.
  • Lift the chest up.
  • Hold the pose as per your ease and then release it.

14. Paschim namaskar Aasan or  reverse prayer pose-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

Exercises For Frozen shoulder-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

This is a very good practice but should be done with caution in a frozen shoulder. It helps to stretch the shoulder joints and pectoral muscles. It also stretches the upper back. The movement of arms from the shoulder joint helps to stiffness and increases mobility.


  • Start in Taad asana pose.
  • Relax the shoulders and bring the arms behind the back and join the palms with fingertips facing down.
  • With inhalation turn the fingertips in words towards the vertebral column and bring them to face upside.
  • In this pose join the hands and the palms are pressed again other firmly.
  • Hold the position for 6-8 breaths.
  • Now release your palms and bring down Slowly.
  • Now bring the arms to the sides of the body and come back to Tadasana.

15. Puppy Pose-Yoga practice Frozen Shoulder-Exercises For Frozen shoulder

This pose will help to stretch the shoulder joint that helps to increase the range of motion.


  • start in a tabletop position, on hands and knees with the knees being a hip-width distance apart.
  • place Hip stacked above your knees and walk your hands forward as you can lower your forehead to the ground.
  • Then continue walking your hands forward until arms are stretched out.
  • Try to Hold here and try to take 8 to 10 breaths.
A few words of caution to perform all these poses
  • Practice the poses very slowly
  • You should be very aware of the surroundings and the movements done by you
  • Breathing should be continuous and smooth.

It’s always good to start the practice with a certified teacher and once you are comfortable with the poses you can better continue at home as per the instructions by your teacher.

So dear friends, these are a few simple but result in oriented Yoga Poses for Frozen Shoulder. Read, practice slowly and get benefitted.

Practice Yoga Be Healthy

Stay tuned friends.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

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