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Get Healthy Again – healthy Eating For Immunity

How should our food be to Get Healthy Again?

Food is the basis of life. Pure, sattvic, nutritious and balanced food makes the body not only healthy but also disease-free. Food also causes diseases and also cures diseases, so it is more effective than any particular diet regimen and medicines.

The truth is that most people look for taste in food and consider it to be just a necessity to live. They do not consider food as the source of getting a healthy, pleasant and long life. The truth is that our wrong diet is the cause of many diseases.

If a sattvic and balanced diet is maintained by rules and time, many diseases can be avoided, as well as this is the secret of longevity of life. Also, it’s helpful to increase our immunity a lot.

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In this article, let’s know, about 4 qualities that our food must-have. We have forgotten to food in its natural ways, and are more attracted to refined food, resulting in various diseases, physical as well as mental. I hope you will find it useful to get healthy again.

Get Healthy Again – 4 Qualities Should Be In Our Food.

The first quality of food should be,

1.Wholeness- Get Healthy Again

There should be wholeness in our food, that is, the wheat flour from which we make Roti should be mixed with bran and a little coarsely ground. The flour that we use is free from bran, as well as flour is just like Maida.

Without the bran i.e. the top part of the wheat which we filter and remove from the sieve, the wheat is incomplete, if we make roti by removing the bran of wheat, it sticks in the intestines and keeps the person complaining of constipation.

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Wheat flour that is, a little coarsely ground, including bran, is rich in nutrients. Because of the fiber in this roti, food does not stick in the intestines.

To make wheat more nutritious, you can add 1 kg of grounded barley and 1 kg of a grounded gram in 10 kg of wheat and make roti by this. (30 grams of wheat contains about 100 calories and 5 grams of fiber)

The second quality in food should be,

2. Freshness-Get Healthy Again

There should be freshness in the food. Fruits and vegetables should be used as fresh as possible. There is no benefit in using fruits and vegetables from cold stores during the offseason.

Commonly we buy fruits and vegetables, offseason and imported, very expensive and consider these to be good for health. Fruits and vegetables should be according to the season and of our region, our locality.

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Just as no sweet fruit is produced in winter in Northern India because it needs more energy to digest sweet fruits. All sweet fruits are produced in summer in North India like papaya, watermelon, banana, mango, melon, Lychee, etc. And in winter, guava, oranges, plum, and pomegranate.

Also, carrots, radish, cabbage, turnip, beetroot, spinach, coriander, bathua, mustard greens, fenugreek, etc. are produced in winter which is more useful as these need less energy to digest and our energy is restored to face and tolerate the chill.

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The third quality of food is-

3. Food should be Alkaline-Get Healthy Again

Food is of two types – 1. Kshariya i.e. alkaline and 2. Amaliya i.e. acidic

Our food should be alkaline. Even in the world, about 70% is water and 30% is of earth. In our body too, about 70% is liquid and 30% is bone, flesh, etc. Therefore, our food should also contain 70% of such substances, which have a high amount of water (alkalinity) because the water is neutral, with a pH value of 7.

And 30% grains, pulses, rice (acidic), etc. should be other substances. The pH value of our blood should be 7.35 to 7.45. There is a constant effort by the body to maintain it.

When we keep using more grains and other heavy food in our diet, the pH value of our body becomes acidic. In this condition, elasticity from our joints decreases and these become harder. As a result, modern diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, joint pains cervical, and cancer can grip us.

It’s our misfortune is that either ignorantly or for taste, we have started taking acidic food instead of alkaline food.

A common man eats paratha, idli, dosa, bhatura, kachori in the morning breakfast. In the afternoon, roti sabzi, in the evening at 4 o’clock tea-biscuit, at night eats dal-roti. That is, taking acidic food all the time.

As a result, even once a day, alkaline food is not going inside the stomach, due to which our joints are drying up. Diseases of the bones (Arthritis, Joint Pain, Dis-location, Cervical, Spondalysis)), the stones of the kidney and Gall Bladder are increasing. Skin diseases are being observed. Synovial fluid, commonly called grease and Calcium is running out of knees.

Even taking Calcium supplements or other medicines for years, no one gets sufficient Calcium or Grease because there is a deficiency in the joints as grease comes from inside. Alkalosis is a normal state while stiffness is an abnormal (disease) state.

The conclusion is that alkaline food causes completeness in body parts.

Alkaline staple foods –

  • Green coconut water,
  • Ash gourd Juice (also called Badi Petha and Plain Petha which is used to prepare the sweet of petha (juice of the same raw petha),
  • Banana Stem Juice,
  • Kadhi Patta (Sweet Neem),
  • Bel Patra,
  • Makoi,
  • Tulsi Patra,
  • Dub Grass, etc.

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Green leaf vegetables –

such as green coriander, mint, spinach fenugreek, bathua, amaranth, etc.

Green vegetables –

such as gourd, ridge gourd, carrot, radish, turnip, etc., can be used by extracting raw juice of, or these can be cooked and used. These all should be according to the season and not offseason.

Potato, sweet potato, Arabi, etc. are also vegetables, but these contain very little amount of alkalinity, so these all are equal to grains and are heavy to digest in case of any disease.

Lemon should not be used with salads or meals.

To maintain the alkaline characteristic of food and salad, sour foods should not be consumed with these. By doing this, the entire food becomes acidic.

Likewise, salad, despite being very alkaline, using lemon in it makes the salad acidic, so why we are deprived of its alkaline feature. As a result, the process of digesting food and salad slows down.

Lemon can be used in cases of acute diseases like cold, bad cold, fever or any other disease in which the taste of our mouth changes. Lemon juice can be given to the guests by mixing it with jaggery, sugar or desi Khand without spices and making shikanji or lemonade. Lemonade can be taken once or twice a week.

You can grate green Amla with raw vegetable salad. Use the juice of green amla extract, if you like, add jaggery, sugar or desi Khand in it too.

Fruits –

Melon, Watermelon, Orange, sweet lime, orange, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Lychee, Raspberry, Guava, Babugosha, Pear, Nakha, Peach, Khumani, Jamun, Sharifa, etc. can be taken according to season.

Grated raw coconut (two tablespoons) can be used. The use of raw coconut with melon and watermelon is prohibited. More sweet fruits are a little heavier to digest for the patients.

Five types of fruits such as banana, Chiku, mango, grape, and papaya should not be used. Because they are all ripened with chemicals.


It is a good fruit due to its qualities but due to the low volume of water in it, it is heavy for the patients to digest.


Pesticides are highly used on apples. It is available throughout the year mostly from cold stores. in the season of apples, you can use small amounts.

Golden Apple

Use the Golden Apple as far as possible. It is available in its season only. It is also not kept in the Cold Store. Its skin is soft to eat. Chemicals are sprayed to make red apple redder. The golden apple is safer.

The last and fourth quality of food is,

4. To Eat Less Quantity Of Food-Get Healthy Again

Eating less food leads us to longevity. Our food should be less in quantity. We are always wrong to follow this principle because we do not know what quantity of food we should take.

We believe that food provides us energy and the more we take healthy food, the more beneficial it is. In fact, it is not the bank that the more you put into it, the more profit will be there. This thing has to be understood well.

Also, this is very important to understand,

  • When to eat,
  • What to eat,
  • How to eat and,
  • How much to eat?

Eat only when you are hungry. Eat only natural and fresh food. Chew and eat the food items properly, and drink the beverages in the mouth by sipping. If we are eating only healthy food, yet due to the quantity in excess, it will not be fully beneficial.

So, friends, this is all about, Get Healthy Again-healthy Eating For Immunity.

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