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Dear friends, we have discussed in detail GERD and Amla Pitta in my last articles. Now let’s discuss some quick home remedies to overcome this chronic problem.

As we have discussed earlier that GERD or hyperacidity or Amlapitta is a common problem. All of us had suffered from it at some point or other.

It is characterized by stomach burning sensation, heartburn, bloating, burping, flatulence and Acid Reflux.

Home Remedies

Let’s discuss some effective home remedies in place of taking antacids when suffering from acidity or amlapitta

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These all are our kitchen treasure and when used in the long term, these are very helpful to cure and control acidity and boost your overall stomach health.


1. Cold milk

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We all know milk, for its properties favorable for our bone health, as it is loaded with calcium. But calcium also helps to maintain the pH balance of our digestive system and in proper digestion.

The calcium in milk prevents acid buildup and also absorbs excess acid production, that’s why it’s very useful instant relief from the burning sensation of amlapitta or acidity.

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How to use

●It should be taken cold.

●No additives like sugar or chocolate powder should be mixed in this cold milk.

So, friends, next time when you feel heartburn after taking your favorite momos or Hakka Noodles or some other snack don’t forget to drink a glass of cold milk to relieve the symptoms.

2. Banana

As we all know banana is full of fibers and this high fiber content helps in the digestion process.

Bananas are rich in potassium and help to increase the production of mucus in the stomach that prevents excessive acid formation.

It also fights against the harmful effects of excessive acid production by coating the stomach.

Also Banana is always a  handy snack. You can always carry it easily.

So next time when you feel heartburn don’t forget to eat a ripe banana.

How to use

Just peel the one and consume

3. Buttermilk or lassi

Fresh and cold buttermilk is another useful home remedy for heartburn.

Buttermilk is loaded with lactic acid that neutralizes the acidity in the stomach and it helps to soothe the esophagus by coating its lining and reduces the irritation and Acid Reflux symptoms

Also, we all know that buttermilk is made from curd that is a natural probiotic.

Probiotics are very much important for good digestion process as the good bacteria present in them prevents the gas building up and bloating that is the main cause of Acid Reflux.

It also helps the nutrients and foods to be digested and absorbed properly and decreases the possibility of heartburn and keep our digestive tract in good condition.

This is the reason why Indian meals are followed by buttermilk or chhas.

How to use

Take a fresh glass of buttermilk by sprinkling a dash of black pepper powder for more beneficial effects.

So friends next time when you feel hyperacidity feel free to consume a glass full of buttermilk and feel good.

4. Raw almonds

These work well to relieve hyperacidity. Raw Almonds are a simple form of Almonds that do not tamper in any way

Almonds consist of natural oils which help to soothe and neutralize the acid in the digestive tract.

They are also high in fibre content that helps in the proper digestion process.

How to use

Almonds and banana taken together can help a lot to keep our digestive tract healthy.

So next time when you suffer from heartburn don’t forget to consume a handful of almonds rather than the antacid pills.

5. Ginger

As described in my earlier article Ginger is a very effective home remedy.

Gingerols the main ingredient found in ginger provide it healing properties from a normal cough and cold to various digestive disorders.

Ginger has the properties of destroying the gas-producing bacteria pylori.

It decreases inflammation and minimizes nausea and soothe stomach muscles

Due to these properties, Ginger is used in many Ayurvedic medicines for indigestion.

How to use

It can be consumed raw
As ginger tea or
can be used in cooking in various curries.

A simple home remedy

1 tablespoon of Ginger

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

With 2 tablespoons of honey

Add this in a glass of warm water and drink by sipping.

●It will help to reduce the symptoms of hyperacidity

●keep our metabolism strong and ●relieve heartburn associated with Acid Reflux.

6. Garlic

We all know the good effects of garlic in cholesterol relieving thus to improve heart health.

But it is also a great natural home remedy for the treatment of indigestion.

It is full of antioxidants.

Raw garlic has the property to kill the pathogenic microorganisms that are the major culprit in causing gastroenteritis.

How to use

So including garlic in our everyday food can boost our stomach health and prevent the digestion and hyperacidity

However, a line of caution is that excess of everything is bad and too much of garlic in rare cases can lead to minor heartburn so consume it in moderation.

7. Cloves

These help to soothe inflamed and damaged oesophageal lining thus proving very beneficial for heartburn and oesophageal tissue damage.

Clove is used in our kitchens from ancient time.

It has the alkaline property that helps to decrease the effects of excess acid produced in the digestive tract.

It has carminative properties also that helps to relieve the blotting or formation of gas.

How to use

This can be used in the crushed form and can be added to our curries and Indian desserts to

●treat hyperacidity
●prevent bloating and even
●get rid of bad breath

8. Mint leaves पुदीना

Mint is a great herb for indigestion and hyperacidity due to its coolant nature.

It helps to reduce the burning and pain that often occurs with acidity and indigestion.

Mint also helps to lower the acid content of the stomach and improves digestion.

How to use

Mint can be used as in crushed from like chutney

Chop some mint leaves and boil and drink the water, once it cools to boost digestive tract and intestine health.

9.Pineapple juice

It is a very effective home remedy for the relief of hyperacidity and heartburn.

How to use

If you have a spicy meal, drink a glass of Pineapple juice as it contains bromelain that is an enzyme helping to control levels of hydrochloric acid in our stomach.

10.Aloe vera juice

It’s also very useful in hyperactivity.
You can read it benefits by tapping on this link.

11.Tulsi or Basil

This is one of the safest Ayurvedic Herb that helps to produce more mucus in the stomach.

It contains many antiulcer properties and helps to reduce the effect of gastric acid.

How to use

chew 4 -6 Tulsi leaves to get instant relief from acidity or amlapitta.

Basil leaf juice and powder are also used in many ayurvedic medicines.

12.Gooseberries or Amla or Emblica Officinalis

This is special medicinal food of Ayurveda that has an overall calming effect on the body that makes it a natural medicine for hyperacidity.

Amla is also loaded with Vitamin C which is helpful in healing the damaged stomach and esophagus lining.

How to use

Try to eat one raw Amla daily

It can be taken in amla murabba form in summer.

One teaspoon of Amla powder can be taken daily to prevent the acidity.


It is a very useful multi-purpose treatment that helps to stimulate digestion, less formation of hydrochloric acid and helps in the repair of damaged tissue of stomach and esophagus.

How to use

Boil the water and add two crushed parts of Cardamom in it and drink it.

14. Aniseed or Saunf or Fennel

It helps to soothe the esophagus and stomach lining. Fennel seeds are loaded with the compound called Anethole, that works as a soothing agent for stomach and prevents the gas formation.

It is also loaded with many vitamins minerals and dietary fibres which helps to boost the process of digestion

it has many antiulcer properties
It also helps to relieve constipation

Saunf or fennel can also be beneficial for pregnant women suffering from indigestion during pregnancy.

Fennel seeds are also beneficial for breastfeeding mothers as they are proved to increase breast milk in nursing women.

How to use

Chewing a few seeds of saunf helps to provide instant relief in hyperacidity.

Soak a few fennel seeds in water overnight drink the water and chew the fennel seeds to get instant relief from heartburn.

15.Cumin seeds

These help in

●the formation of saliva
●improving digestion and
●boosting metabolism.

How to use

Roasted cumin seeds can be taken with warm water.

it can be added to boiling water and drink it.

Daily intake of cumin seeds in curries helps to improve digestion thus reducing acidity.

16.Coconut water

Coconut water helps to soothe esophagus lining.

It’s being alkaline in nature reduces the acidic effect in the stomach. It also helps to produce mucus in our stomach to prevent the harmful effects of excess production of hydrochloric acid.

How to use

Fresh coconut when consumed RAW being rich in fiber aids digestion and prevents the recurrent occurrence of acidity.

Take one glass of coconut milk daily to get maximum results.


Watermelon has a cooling effect, is helpful in heartburn.

How to use

Watermelon taken as a whole or as watermelon juice is great to counter acidity.

It should be taken at breakfast time for better results.


This spice works as an amazing medicine in acidity.

It helps to improve digestion and boost metabolism.

It is a powerhouse of nutrients and loaded with many health benefits.

How to use

For instant relief in acidity drink cinnamon tea to prevent damage and infections in the digestive tract

19. Jaggery

In our traditional food jaggery is served in the last of every meal.

Jaggery is loaded with awesome content that helps to boost intestinal strength.

It’s helpful to improve digestion and makes our digestive system more alkaline reducing the stomach acidity.

How to use

It can be taken as a small piece after a meal.

In summers to get relief of acidity jaggery soaked in Ice cold water that is our Sharbat can be taken.

20.Apple cider vinegar

Sometimes the reason for Acid Reflux can be too little stomach acid in the stomach creating indigestion. In that case,

Apple cider vinegar can be a good choice

But there are some precautions to use.

How to use

Add a spoon in a cup of water and drink once or twice a day.

It’s better to consume Apple Vinegar Cider with the help of straw as it may harm tooth enamel.


Papaya is rich in antioxidants.
It also contains the enzyme papain, that helps to improve the digestion of dietary proteins and prevents the formation of excessive gas in the stomach.

How to use

Papain supplements are freely available in the market but the fresh fruit itself has very good benefits.

There are some other useful methods described in Ayurveda to treat acidity.

Lifestyle Changes

Let’s discuss a few here.

1.Sleep on your left side

Get a habit to sleep on your left side as there are a lot of benefits of sleeping in this position

Here is a reference to acidity,
This position prevents acid reflux, it prevents the stomach contents and stomach acids to enter the esophagus.

2. Chew your food properly

It is an old saying that we should chew our food 32 times. Our elders always stressed as to chew our food properly before ingesting it.

It is a good principal as it helps to convert our food in a more digestible form in the stomach and intestines.

This makes the process of absorption of nutrients easy, thereby improves the digestive process that prevents indigestion and consequently acidity.

3.Incorporate the habit of exercise for at least half an hour daily

As we know exercise is good for overall health.

In the lack of exercise, the fat deposited in the abdominal area pushes the stomach acids up into the esophagus which can further lead to Acid Reflux.

so make a routine to have a walk of half an hour and some crunches on daily basis to lose some fat.

4.Drink lots of water

Friends I have already discussed the benefits of drinking water.

In acidity, it helps to neutralize the acid and throughout the excessive digestive juices present in the stomach.

Flushing out the stomach acid helps to keep our digestive tract healthy and better functioning.

If you are suffering from frequent bouts of Acid Reflux or amlapitta drink a glass of lukewarm water in the morning and at night before going to sleep.

5. Eat small portions of meals at regular intervals

If you are suffering from acidity or Acid Reflux or Amla Pitta a large meal main trigger acidity because when you eat on your stomach full. There is the chance that the stomach acids can be pushed back in the esophagus which will Trigger Reflux and indigestion.

Eating smaller portions at regular intervals helps in proper digestion preventing the avidity effect.

Staying hungry or having a long time gap between meal triggers acidity so it’s always good to take small meals at regular intervals.

6. Try to spend a little time in the sun

You will be surprised but it’s true friends that spending a little time outdoors can boost our digestive system

As we all know sun rays helps to produce vitamin D in our body, which helps in the production of some antimicrobial chemicals in our body, that are useful to fight with stomach problems and helps to treat Acid Reflux

So it’s very useful to get a dose of Sunlight and Vitamin D for our health

7. Chewing gum is helpful

Actually, the digestive process starts from our mouth.

Chewing gum helps to stimulate the flow of saliva, the acid levels down and help to balance our pH levels.

It’s a good habit to chew gum for at least 10 minutes after a meal to get fresh breath and prevent acidity.

So, it was all about the home remedies and some healthy habits to get rid of amlapitta acidity

Yoga is also good to relieve the symptoms both ways by cooling the mind and by acting on the digestive system. In the next article, we will discuss Yoga for amlapitta or acidity or GERD.

Stay tuned friends.
Eat Healthy Stay Healthy
for any query.

Dr Seema Gupta
Senior Ayurvedic Medical Officer

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