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Hypertension Introduction

Hypertension also called, High Blood Pressure (HBP), is a severe medical condition, a silent killer, It is a long-term health condition where the force of blood pumping through blood vessels is too strong.

High Blood Pressure

When our heart beats, it pushes blood through our blood vessels to the rest of the body. Our blood pressure may change at different times as  It’s typically higher causing hypertension,

●when we wake up,
●when exercise, or
●whenever we are under stress.

Having high blood pressure for brief periods of time is not bad for health. But when our pressure remains high for the majority of the time, it can create significant health issues.

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Awareness about high blood pressure is essential for the simple reason that the ailment is quite widespread.  And there is a really more chance that you could suffer from hypertension, or might come to suffering from the disease at any point later on.

1.  In the US, almost one in three individuals suffering from hypertension.

2.  And just half of those individuals have the problem in check.

Alternately, hypertension is quite often associated with specific health ailments. If our HBP persists more than it for a long time or permanently, it may lead to various threatening problems like stroke, heart failure, kidney diseases, angina, vision loss or sexual dysfunctions.

Normal Range

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We may track our BP using a tracker in the home or by consulting with our physician.

Regular resting  BP in an adult is roughly 120/80 millimeter Hg.


Types of hypertension

These are of two types

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where no underlying cause is found. 90 to 95% of people suffer from this.


Where pressure raises due to some underlying cause as, kidney diseases, hormonal problems like Cushing syndrome or hyperthyroidism.

These conditions are extremely serious and have to be treated.

Understanding the signs and symptoms will help determine when to get in touch with your physician.

 Signs and Symptoms

Although there are no specific signs and symptoms of HBP, like other diseases, and these may vary from person to person

An extremely surprising truth about hypertension is the fact that one could suffer from it for many years and not know about it.

Some persons with extremely high BP feel normal, while others may have some significant symptoms even by a small elevation of it.

Notable synonyms may be.

●Discomfort on the back of the head

●Dizziness accompanied by anxiety or nervousness.

●Reduction of sleep called insomnia due to the participation of the brain

●Nosebleeds caused due to rupture of tiny vessels in the nose because of elevated pressure

●The nervousness that may be psychological and physical restlessness.

●Shortness of breath, causing discomfort

●Fainting or a sense of things moving around you

●Changes in eyesight as a consequence of modifications in the blood vessels of the eye

●Chest pains particularly after physical exertion, on the left chest wall or around the neck or shoulder, as the heart muscles are deprived of oxygen and blood supply.

Routine checkup time

it’s highly advisable to go for routine health checks and screenings for HBP.

One should keep a track on this after every 2 years, beginning from the age of 18 years.

As practically we have seen that this has become the problem of the 20s nowadays.

Likewise, if a person is over age 40, or when a person is at the age group of 18-39 having a probability of HBP, an individual has to go for all these readings every year.

This way, an estimated check on BP and its prevention can be maintained.


●High salt diet
●High saturated fat diet
●Excessive alcohol intake
●Sedentary lifestyle
●lack of exercise
● consumption of caffeine in excess
●Mental stress

According to Ayurveda


It is called raktgat vat रक्तगत वात

And occurs mainly due to vitiated vata dosha.

 Treatment of  hypertension

Although there are many medications described in Ayurveda, our first try is always to bring back the high BP with natural way.

I always provide a chance for my patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle by following my guidelines and in 70 %of cases, I can prolong the use of medications.

A healthy lifestyle, quitting the apparent causes, and proper monitoring positively helps to linger on the use of medications.

So let’s discuss the ways to lower down high BP naturally

●Lose extra fat and watch your waist 

Losing weight is among the best ways, aside from drugs, for controlling hypertension.  Additionally, carrying too much weight around your waist may raise your risk for hypertension.

Also, read

●Exercising regularly

Routine exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes daily can help decrease your BP or help keep you from getting hypertensive if you’re at risk.

Walking, running, biking, swimming and strength training are a few of the greatest exercises in reducing blood pressure.

I prescribe Breathing exercises and Yoga to my patients, to relieve their stress.

●Eat Healthily 

Eating foods full of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low carb dairy products may help decrease your BP.

Consuming more fruits and vegetables was observed to help lower BP

Let’s discuss some common fruits and vegetables helping our BP to keep in the track to some extent if used regularly.


contain potent antioxidants which reduce the body’s blood pressure and protect vessels from harm, which plays a part in keeping healthy BP.


An average-size banana retains over 400 milligrams potassium and 1 mg of sodium. Potassium works with sodium to maintain our BP

According to the American Heart Association, we need 4,700 milligrams of potassium per day to control our BP


A multi-vitamin contains 781 milligrams of potassium, which helps regulate hypertension.

Eat fresh papaya in an empty stomach for approximately a month, will diminish the probability of having cardiovascular ailments, and can be an effective treatment for hypertension.


Blueberries are comparatively low in glucose while still being high in fibre and polyunsaturated fats.    The advantage is because of flavonoids from the berries called anthocyanin, which are antioxidants that provide these fruits with their feature purple and red colours.


Leafy and fresh greens,

is low in carbs, high in fiber, and packaged with heart-healthy nutrients such as potassium, folate, and calcium – essential elements for controlling and reducing hypertension.

Use fresh spinach leaves by adding to salads or adding to sandwiches.


Watermelon is proved to be considering reducing hypertension in obese individuals.

Strawberries are an excellent fruit in preventing and treating hypertension. Almost 8 berries contain 240 milligrams of potassium and 1.44 mg of sodium, so helps to maintain BP.

●Reduce salt intake 

the tiniest quantity of a decrease of your salt consumption may decrease your BP from 2-8 millimeter Hg.

Some individuals are more sensitive to salt and ought to lower their intake much more.

●Restrict alcohol intake and stop smoking.
Quitting alcohol and smoking helps the blood pressure return to normal.

●Reduce stress 

Persistent anxiety can be a contributor to HBP.  Occasional stress may also be a danger in the event that you frequently turn to unhealthy food options, alcohol and even smoking.

It’s always better

●to keep an eye by regular check-ups of blood pressure

●Focus on any symptoms

●Adopt a healthy lifestyle
And be happy always.

We will discuss the complete Ayurveda treatment, diets, home remedies of  HBP in detail in coming articles.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

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