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Sleeping is nature’s kindest boon to living beings. It is the magic stick that restores the strength of the exhausted and replenishes the drain of life energy. This is the importance of sleep.

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We go to rest after a day’s toil and wake up in the morning rested and refreshed for another day’s fruitful activity. So it should always try to Get deep sleep naturally

Sleep Importance

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Sleep is defined as “A natural regularly recurring condition of rest for the body and mind during which, there is little or no conscious thought, sensation or movement”


It is a bodily condition that superficially resembles unconsciousness,  but differs from such a state in that a sleeping person can be readily aroused.

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When a person is asleep, his or her blood pressure, body temperature becomes low and the heart starts beating at a reduced rate.

The muscles of the body become relax and breathing becomes more regular and relatively prolonged in time. In asleep, body activity reaches the lowest level.

If the breath of a sleeping person is tested, it will show that he is using less of Oxygen and giving more of carbon dioxide as compared with the person who is awake.

The reason why asleep refreshes us is that while sleeping, we become the least active and therefore nature gets an opportunity to restore and replenish the energy we spent during our waking hours.

The sleeping and waking periods form the natural rhythm of human and animal life.

Sometimes back it was a common Belief in the medical world that the requirement for sleeping varies from individual to individual.

If one needs 9 hours to recover his strength, 4 hours of rest, were sufficient for another and cases of persons who maintained their health and energy at a high level on relatively little sleep through their lifetime, were frequently cited.


Today a change has come in our understanding about its necessity. Our world is changing fast and life is becoming more and more hectic every day.

Nearly everyone, today is experiencing more stress than ever before and it is now widely recognized that one of the most effective protection against the stress is sleeping.

Lack of Sleep is Called INSOMNIA

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Psychological Effects on the Importance of Sleep


  1. Deprivation, Lack of sleeping is frequently the real trouble with husbands who loses his temper at times,
  2. the mother who scolds or slaps up at her children,
  3. all the persons who fly off the handle at the office.
  4. Lack of sleep can make normally cheerful people feel lonely and depressed and
  5. sleep loss is a subtle poison. Its victims are usually the last to realize what’s wrong.
It is now evident that disturbances in behavior from lack of sleeping closely resemble the disorders produced by certain narcotics, alcohols and oxygen starvation
  • Perceptions go fuzzy.
  • Our sense Of timing is off.
  • Reflexes are a little late.
  • Values slip out of focus.


we are literally not ourselves and it can happen to you, like many, who have fallen asleep at the wheel of a car.

Adequate sleeping is more necessary for those who spend their mental energy under the stress of overwork or are burdened with multiple responsibilities to perform as quickly as possible.

As the workload increases, so does the need for sleep. Yet the exact opposite occurs,

“The busier the person The lesser the sleep”.

Sleep Disorders

Persons who Won’t sleep

There are two types of persons who do not get the right amount of sleep we require. Sleeping cheats and sleeping hungry.

Sleeping Cheaters tries to cheat on it and sleeping hungry eagerly waits for its to make his eyelids heavy and copy.

But sleeping cheats should not be confused with a person who can’t asleep. Although he wants to sleep so the called Insomnia.

The sleep cheat can go to bed and sleep soundly but he won’t. He won’t miss late night online activities, TV programs.

He can’t break loose from the video games. He must continue with the interesting discussion on the matter which does not matter, heading for a health breakdown.

There is another type of sleeping cheats who do not slip out of unconscious grudge or resentment against somebody.

Though knowing the side effects of sleeplessness and trying everything possible to get a few hours refreshing sleep yet whatever he does, fail to work and he finds himself wide awake.

Persons who can’t sleep

There are other persons who long to have sound sleep night after night, but all they can do is to roll over the pillow from side to side almost throughout the night.

Evolving around some problem or difficulties. One who worries is always tense. Tension actually means nothing, but the unnecessary and uncalled contraction of the muscles that are under our voluntary control.

Normally we contract our muscles only when we prepare ourselves to perform some work physical or mental.

The state of sleep is a state of relaxation and response.  The muscles being relaxed and mind become of oblivious of its surroundings.
There is another kind of tension sleeper too who cannot get even a few Winks of sleep. At the most, he may get into a state of lethargy or drowsiness but never sleep. He is the person who jumps from bed unrefreshed and with his nerves on edge as he finds that he is already late for work.

Sleeping Pills

When a person suffering from sleeplessness becomes scared of their Insomnia usually they resort to taking sleeping pills and tranquilizers.  Nowadays there are pills of every description and color.
There are instant acting pills, delayed action pills, sugar-coated pills, and beautiful and attractive capsules. Despite a lot of type of sleeping drugs and tranquilizers, there is no proof that people are resting better or staying calmer.
Sleeping Pills Side Effects

These drugs may induce a false sense of well being and at least temporarily minimizes the strains of the world and also lower the level of inner anxiety but they cannot remove the anxiety or fear.

Such drugs merely anesthetize the Insomniac against fear until their effect lasts. But the harm they cause to the personality of the person, who takes sedatives habitually is incalculable.

Reports indicate that sleeping pills lower your intelligence because they dull the brain.

Sleeping tips To get deep Sleep Naturally

Therefore you should not depend upon Sleeping drugs for sleep. Much of this drug taking is self-directed.

It does not produce an addiction syndrome as do opium and other narcotics, yet a dependency on one’s sleeping pills or upon a drug for the relief of tension can become serious and difficult to give up.

Moreover, the sleep induced by such drugs is never as refreshing and healthy as natural sleep.

It should be now quite clear to you that the basic cause of sleeplessness is tension and anxiety and stress.

The universal rule therefore of better sleeping is, to reduce the tension by achieving relaxation of the body muscles.

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How to sleep better at night naturally


  1. Darken the room before going to sleep and see there is adequate ventilation.
  2. Always try to sleep for the night at regular hours.
  3. The bed should have comfortable bedding.
  4. One should be physically tired, as only a tired person can appreciate the refreshing effects of sleep.
  5. Do not try to sleep on an empty stomach hunger causes insomnia. Lie flat on your back and make you self-comfortables.
  6. First contract the muscles in your toes, your calves, thighs, your abdomen, your back, and neck.
  7. Don’t use your phone if not getting slept instead you can read a book.
  8. While trying to sleep, take deep long 20 breaths.
  9. Don’t drink coffee 5 hours prior to sleep.
  10. Don’t meditate in the night, it can make you more alert by positive energy.
  11. In the same way, an exercise in the morning not in the evening.
  12. Try to limit the use of your cell phone on social media one hour prior to sleep.
  13. Think a few happy things that happened on that day to you. It will help to ease your mind.
So, friends, it’s all about Sleep, important, psychological changes if deprived of, sleeping pills and their side effects, and a few tips to sleep better at night naturally.

I hope you will like this article.

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Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy
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