Mental Health Awareness | 15 signs you are emotionally and mentally exhausted.

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Mental Health Awareness-15 signs you are emotionally and mentally exhausted.

We live in a hectic, fast-paced world, where we have responsibilities, bills, deadlines and things to do and places to be visited.

While of course, these are things we need to take care of – they often lead to increased stress levels.

Then, we find ourselves affected by all this, both emotionally and mentally, and this results in a number of unhealthy symptoms.

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It disrupts our normal flow of life and affects our productivity and relationships.

It’s a truth that it would ever be possible to completely avoid stress, but it’s important to at least understand that regardless of the challenges we have in our lives, we need to acknowledge when our mind and body needs a time out.

Let’s discuss 15 warning signs you are emotionally and mentally exhausted!

1. You’re Always Fatigued- Mental Health Awareness

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Fatigue is not the same as regular tiredness. When you’re suffering from fatigue, it doesn’t matter how many hours you sleep – getting out of bed is a task in itself – and you just feel completely exhausted.

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Even the smallest things seem so heavy to carry, it’s nearly impossible to gather the strength to do even the easiest of tasks… and the last time you had any fun? You can’t even remember.

The only thing you feel like doing is, well, nothing. You don’t even care about things that make you happy.

2. You Can’t Sleep-Mental Health Awareness

In addition to the constant fatigue, insomnia can another sign that can occur due to mental and emotional depletion.

When you have too much stress, it really messes with your body. You find your nights are long and challenging– you struggle to fall asleep – and this just further adds to your fatigue. You feel tired all the time, and you only want to sleep – but you can’t.

You lay in bed staring at the ceiling, thinking about all the things that are causing your stress. Then finally, when you are about to drift off to sleep, some worrisome thought comes to mind and you are awake again.

You can’t get the rest you need, and this cycle just keeps draining you more and more, night after night.

3. You Get Irritated Easily-Mental Health Awareness

You find that even smaller things are getting to you – you lose your patience quickly, and your perspective on everything becomes negative. It could be a sarcastic remark, a spouse’s bad habit, or even the weather.

Everything seems to get on your nerves!

You’re having a hard time with your day-to-day life, and you feel like you’re losing control– and this only irritates you more.

4. You’re Having Health Problem-Mental Health Awareness

Exhaustion affects the entire body – and when you are dangerously tired, your body cannot function normally.

You get frequent headaches, joint pain, and heart palpitations, you feel dizzy and nauseous, and you may find yourself clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth or having trouble breathing.

These symptoms are your body’s normal response to consistent stress. Chronic stress, over long periods of time, has a serious adverse effect on your health– and this only keeps getting worse, until you resolve the issues causing it.

5. You Cry At The Drop Of A Hat- Mental Health Awareness

When you are completely exhausted, any stress you experience feels more intense. You become very sensitive to everything, to the point where even small things can make you feel like crying.

You’re not able to effectively deal with challenges that come your way, and you break down each time you feel incapable of dealing with them.

Other peoples’ words and actions really hit you hard, and you may find yourself breaking down and crying in front of friends and even strangers.

Same goes when you hear something tragic in the news. You just can’t keep it together.

6. You’re Not Taking Care of Yourself- Mental Health Awareness

When suffering from emotional and mental exhaustion, you are more likely to engage in unhealthy

coping strategies. Perhaps you rely on sleeping pills or resort to alcohol at the end of each day to help with the stress, or you drink more coffee to help you gather the energy just to make it into work in the morning.

Maybe you’ve started a regular binge of unhealthy foods, or you’re not taking care of your appearance the way you normally would.

7. Procrastinating A Lot More-Mental Health Awareness

Everyone procrastinates a little bit every now and then, and this is normal. But when you find yourself procrastinating all day long, every day, this is a clear indicator that you are struggling to cope with things

you need to get done. You even find yourself procrastinating over things you enjoy doing or things you’d normally do quickly and easily.

8. You’re Extremely Self-Critical-Mental Health Awareness

There are usually two voices inside our head– there’s the critical voice, and then the compassionate voice. Our critical voice helps us reach our potential, while our compassionate voice helps to level things out and create balance.

But when you’re emotionally and mentally exhausted, there’s a problem. Your compassionate voice is silenced, while your critical voice becomes more and more dominant.

9. Start To Feel Detached-Mental Health Awareness

There’s actually a point you can reach, where if you’ve been burning out for long enough, all of your feelings start to go away. The good and bad.

At this point, you feel like you don’t feel anything at all. Whatever you’re dealing with has drained you to the point where you don’t feel emotions toward anything the way you normally would, and you no longer look forward to anything.

It’s like you’ve given up on everything and everyone. You feel completely disconnected from people, sometimes even yourself.

10. Your Relationships Are Starting to suffer-Mental Health Awareness

As you become more stressed, you may find yourself communicating negatively with others. You may notice that people are keeping their distance from you to avoid conflict, as you are becoming more argumentative and negative about everything.

It’s also possible that you are withdrawing yourself from the world, wanting to be alone. While it’s normal to sometimes experience negative emotions, you need to recognize when these emotions get in the way of your well-being and start to have an effect on others around you.

11. You’re Experiencing Confusion-Mental Health Awareness

Chronic stress can get in the way of your ability to make decisions and solve problems – it affects your ability to pay attention and concentrate.

Some signs that indicate you are under major mental strain include: forgetting things like names, assignments, or appointments.

At this point, there are way too many things happening, and the stress is overwhelming you. Little things are starting to feel like big things.

12. You’re Feeling Anxious More Often-Mental Health Awareness

Small things that you never think twice about, now have you worrying and make you anxious. You find yourself having anxiety attacks on a daily basis.

Because you are so mentally and emotionally exhausted, little things can easily cause anxiety.

It could be a knock on the door, a phone call or even a text message. And especially someone trying to contact you to do something.

13. You’re Losing Motivation-Mental Health Awareness

There was a time when you were ready to take on the world! But you’re no longer the focused and disciplined person you once were. These days, you don’t even have the motivation to get started.

Your once clean and organized home is now a complete mess, things are starting to pile up, and your job performance is on a downward spiral.

Simple tasks suddenly seem like major projects, and you lack the creativity and thought process to successfully complete anything.

14. You Don’t Laugh Anymore-Mental Health Awareness

This is such a small thing, yet it’s actually such a big thing. If you’re emotionally and mentally exhausted, you don’t laugh a lot.

In fact, months go by without you having a good laugh… Nothing seems fun or funny – and worse, you may even begin to resent people who seem to be enjoying life.

15. You Start To Feel Hopeless-Mental Health Awareness

When you lack the motivation to do things, it can lead to a sense of hopelessness. You may feel that even if you work on something or try to improve the situation, there’s no point because nothing good will come of it.

This is a rough place to be! You feel like things will never change, and you only focus on the difficulties you are experiencing – which brings more negative thoughts and feelings.

All of this focus on negativity weighs you down so much that you forget about the positive things in your life.

All of us have our limits, and they are different for everyone. If you are experiencing some of these symptoms and you feel it’s starting to have an effect on your wellbeing, you need to pay attention.

Take some time to find ways to reduce your stress before it’s too late.

Perhaps you need to change your job, or maybe it’s time to break off an unhealthy relationship.

Focus on making positive lifestyle changes to help alleviate symptoms of emotional and mental exhaustion.

This may not be easy at first – it will take time to allow your body to relax – but it’ll get easier as you begin to form healthier habits – and soon you’ll have your health and happiness back.

What do you think?

Are you experiencing any of these signs? And how are you dealing with it?

Let me know in the comments below.

So, friends, this was all about, Mental Health Awareness- 15 Signs You Are Emotionally And Mentally Exhausted.

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