Vitamin B12 Deficiency Source Effect on Hair Anaemia overdose

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Vitamin B12-Dear friends, nowadays, in spite of awareness about healthy diets, healthy foods, people are suffering from, low appetite, poor metabolism, lethargy, irritation etc.
The reason for Vitamin B12 Deficiency behind be very simple or may become dangerous, if not treated.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Effect on Hair and Anaemia

Vitamin B12

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There is the main component needed for our body to perform well, that is Vitamin B12. 
You all must have heard about it
Isn’t it?
 So let’s discuss the risks, symptoms, and techniques to take care of a deficiency.

Benefits of Vitamin B12

●It acts as a powerhouse for our body.
●It helps to make DNA, blood and nerve cells, also is vital to get a healthy brain and immune system.
●Your metabolism would not run smoothly in its lack.
However, B12 is not like other nutritional supplements.
It is found in animal products mainly, such as
●and milk.
As much as 15 per cent of individuals do not get enough B12, being vegetarians
Also to have
●celiac disease or
●other digestion issues, or
●become an adult over 50.
The indications of vitamin B12 lack
 It includes
●rapid heartbeat,
●brain fog,
along with other ailments.
Keep on reading to discover more about the causes, symptoms, effects and remedies for a vitamin B12 deficiency.


◆Early symptoms are feeling of weakness and tiredness
◆It is  nicknamed the energy vitamin 
 ◆Its Inadequate  intake creates a dent in red blood cell production, and a number of the first indications of a lack include
●dragged feeling,
●Impaired thinking and
Depletion of It in body results in

●nerve damage.
●Feelings of  pricking sensations in your hands and toes,
●shaky body motions, and
●difficulty in walking
of long-term  deficiency,
Like so many additional lack signals, these may be intermingled from other causes, such as old age.
Problem is, that we are so much busy in our daily routine, entangled in jobs and household chores, and also
●these indications are so obscure, and
●not everyone experiences them exactly the exact same manner.
●And because they may be credited to so many other potential causes,
the majority of individuals do not think to get tested.
If these symptoms occur and stay around for a few weeks, it is ideal to seek advice from your physician and rule out other causes.


Visible signals include

●mouth sores;
●a red, bloated, beefy tongue
these are a few of the observable indications of lack.
deficiency-related fluctuations in blood circulation may appear very slowly and are seen as
●A quick heartbeat or heart palpitations  and sometimes
●bruising easily can also be due to longstanding Lack.
However, these apparently unrelated indications do not come easily in most deficient men and women, or else they come on so gradually, it is difficult to detect them.

Late effects

 a deficiency that lasts for many years may lead to severe, irreversible neurologic damage

●Thinking memory loss,
●disorientation, and
●an inability to focus.
 Other permanent unwanted effects include

●nerve damage,
●erectile dysfunction,
●even problem with bowel and bladder controls.
The good point is that, if diagnosed earlier, many symptoms can be reversed

Food Sources to get the Vitamin

●Meat and Fish are the best sources
●Beef liver and clams have been the richest source, according to the National Institutes of Health.
●If you are not fond of either, lots of great choices abound.
◆trout fish
◆salmon fish
◆Fortified soy milk
◆Low-fat yoghurt
are  rich foods to get recommend values

Normal Values

Daily Dosage
2.4 mcg for women and men over 14 years of age,
heading around 2.6 and 2.8 for pregnant women and lactating women respectively,


1. Pure Vegetarians are at risk
Vitamin B12 is found naturally in animal products.  If your diet largely includes healthy plant-based foods such as
●legumes, and
●Dairy products,
then you are at risk for deficiency.
Vegetarians who eat eggs and dairy should plan to include a minimum of one supply every day from these two food groups,
Vegans that by definition eat no animal products, need to have a nutritional supplement or eat vitamin B12, fortified foods, such as breakfast cereal and grains.
Other foods fortified with B12 comprise nondairy milk and meat substitutes, but not all are, so check the label first to ensure.
2.Age factor matters
As you get older, the stomach produces less acid, and stomach acid is very much essential for its absorption. According to studies,  Approximately one in 31 adults over 50 are having less of it.
Elderly individuals also frequently possess poor appetites and food intakes, and they might be on drugs (like heartburn meds) that may further decrease stomach acid levels.
In reality, some seniors really lose the capacity of absorption of this nutrient, out of meals in any way, and has to get it through nutritional supplements or, if the deficiency is severe, injections are needed.
3..The drugs taken for Heartburn or acidity can cause it.
Some prescribed heartburn medications suppress the creation of stomach acid, which will be needed to absorb vitamin B12.
Researchers found that taking meds known as proton pump inhibitors (such as Prilosec and Nexium) for more than two years has been connected to a 65 per cent greater chance of lack.
And two years or more utilizing H2 receptor blocker medication (like Pepcid and Zantac) is related to a 25% increase in lack of Vitamin.
 If you are taking these frequently, discuss with your doctor about steps you can take to safeguard yourself.
4. Deficiency Symptoms can be taken as Dementia
Symptoms of a lack frequently mimic those of dementia, for example
●memory reduction,
●disorientation, and
●difficulty thinking and reasoning,
It can be difficult differentiating lack from dementia, particularly since older people are at risk for both.  both conditions often overlap in them.
75% to 90 per cent of deficient individuals have neurological complications like dementia, researches say.
 But when a B12 deficit strikes younger folks, it typically resembles dementia in youngsters too.
Experts are not exactly sure of the association between them both, but individuals with unexplained cognitive decline problem,  ought to be examined for B12 deficiency, also.
5. Birth Control Pill Consumption may trigger the problem
Females who’ve been on oral contraceptives for long periods of time often have problems absorbing it.
Studies demonstrate that pills which are high in estrogen tend to be more strongly connected with B12 and folate (folic acid, or vitamin B6) deficiencies, resulting in the premise that the estrogen in the pill is actually the reason behind this diminished absorption.
So If you are on the pill, discuss with your physician about the dangers, you should take supplements a backup to prevent the deficiency disease.
6. Overdrinking increases the problem 
More than just a couple of drinks on average daily plays a part in lack in it as it is stored in the liver, and alcohol intake can impair liver function and deplete B12 stores or make it tougher for your liver to utilize it.
7. Chronic Digestive Problems can enhance the lack
Individuals who cope with GI problems
are in a greater chance of a deficit because digestive issues can make absorption of the nutrient more hard,

People who have gut difficulties, such as

●Crohn’s disease,
●inflammatory bowel disorder, and ●leaky gut syndrome

are at greater risk.

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Celiac disease victims may also have problems with absorption.

In case you have any of them, speak with your doctor about nutritional supplements or B12 shots, because all of this nutrient-rich food from the world will not help, in case, if it can not be absorbed by the GI tract.

8. Weight loss surgery may cause permanent lack

Some surgeries which influence the GI tract, such as gastric bypass operation, make it difficult to consume it.

The absorption problem might be a permanent one, and individuals who undergo gastric bypass might need to take its supplements for the remainder of their life or risk a deficit

Effects of Deficiency

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1. It can provide a false Pap Smear Test for Cervical Cancer

It’s deficiency also impacts the Pap test you make it in your routine gyno checkup to screen for cervical cancer.

Low B12 levels may alter the way some cervical cells look like, possibly triggering a false positive report, as stated by the National Institutes of Health.

2. Deficiency may cause Pernicious Anaemia

A particular type of anaemia is triggered by a B12 deficiency.  Called pernicious anaemia, which means “dangerous,” since it was possibly life-threatening previously

it’s a red blood cell deficiency that occurs when the stomach does not produce enough of a protein called intrinsic factor, which enables the gut to absorb B12,

Pernicious anaemia may be the consequence of an autoimmune disorder, a problem with the gut lining, or possibly a congenital illness passed down through families.

3. Deficiency is Immunity Linked both ways

It has a significant function in white blood cell production, and white blood cells are crucial for the proper immune system working,

Not only could a deficiency of it decrease your immunity,

but on the other hand, a few immune system disorders can aggravate your probability of getting deficient.

Grave’s disease, for instance, an autoimmune state of the thyroid causing hyperthyroidism, is a risk factor for developing pernicious anaemia, which consequently contributes to B12 deficiency.

4. Babies can also be affected

In babies, this lack is severe. it may result in symptoms like

●issues with movement,
●difficulty achieving developmental milestones, and
●failure to thrive, which might be fatal.

Low  levels are uncommon in infants but it may occur

◆if a baby is fed a strict diet without  any animal products or

◆when a breastfeeding mother is a vegetarian who does not take vitamin  supplements (and breastfeeding is the sole source of nourishment.)

supplementation may reverse the problem,

and taking prenatal vitamins fortified with B12 in pregnancy might help prevent it.

5.Effect on hair

As we know to grow and be strong, hair requires a proper amount of vitamins and minerals. The role of this vitamin in cell division, red blood cell production and metabolism explains itself that its deficiency may have a major effect in hair health and result in hair fall in lack of it.

Also in menopausal women, hair fall is felt more

The reason may be due to premenopausal cycle changes or intermittent heavy bleedings, there can be a loss of blood and iron deficiency leading to anaemia.

Also weight gain is another issue in menopause, so females may do some dietary changes

Both these factors may lead to lack causing hair loss.


Since the body is able to save the vitamin for 3 to five years, early indicators of a lack usually appear slowly, and that means you are not likely to feel those.

After the first clues like

●fatigue, and
●brain fog set in,

more sophisticated tip-offs appear, like

●numbness and tingling of the limbs, depression, and
●even hallucinations.

The indications are so diverse and they do not attack everyone, so it is hard to diagnose at a subsequent stage.

symptoms also depend upon what the cause to the lack

●malabsorption, which  mean the person is consuming some B12 along and the lack is happening more slowly,

●or overall deficiency of animal products, which could likely make the lack to grow more quickly

Diagnosis is totally based upon blood test

blood tests are usually true, however a false positive is potentially associated with

●specific cancers,
●oral contraceptives,
●folate (folic acid) deficiency, and ●pregnancy

A false negative report can also be possible, as sometimes found in people with

●liver disease,
●poorly functioning kidneys, or specific blood glucose disorders.

Make it a habit to rule out this test, during your routine checkup.


◆Supplements and Fortified Cereals can help

These can help especially vegetarians, vegans and aged people, and others, where absorption is the problem.

When absorption is a problem, only loading up on foods naturally high in B12 might not resolve the issue researchers say.

The artificial form of the vitamin is more easily absorbed.

So best places to find it in food is fortified cereals, almost all having 100%of daily recommended dose.

Side effects of Overdose

There are fewer chances of overdoing the dose

Unlike fat-soluble vitamins which collect in the human body and may have side effects if taken more than recommended, B12 is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means that the body only absorbs a small amount and the remainder is excreted via urine,

It’s a good point if you need to refill your stores of the supplement, however, worry about carrying too much.

But a word of caution is

that large numbers of B12 at one time can lead to nausea and all-over itchiness.

If you are taking a supplement, read the label and choose just the amount recommended.

So, friends, it’s all about Vitamin B12 Deficiency its causes, sources to get it, signs, symptoms, effect on hair, effects on anaemia and other things, diagnosis and treatment and side effects.

Stay tuned friends.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

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