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Treatment of Gerd 12 Yoga Poses

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Dear friends after completing our discussion on GERD and Amlapitta, its causes symptoms and home remedies in detail, now let us focus on Treatment of GERD 12 Yoga Poses, also for acidity, indigestion, and Amlapita.

As we all know yoga is an ancient Ayurveda gift to us, that brings a sense of balance and help to strengthen and tone our muscles at the same time relieving our tension stress and anxiety.

I have already explained all the benefits of yoga in my this article
Today we will discuss Yoga in terms of GERD and Amlapitt

Importance of Yoga in Acidity

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Some Yoga postures are fabulous for gently massaging abdominal organs to boost the digestive system and to improve blood flow thereby, in the long run, help to relieve the problem.

When these yoga postures are practiced regularly,
●help to strengthen the digestive system and
●improve blood circulation, also
 ●boost the supply of Oxygen and
 ●better nutrient absorption in our digestive tract.

Benefits Of Yoga in Acidity

Along with a healthy diet and lifestyle modifications, Yoga is an effective treatment to keep GERD or amlapitta away from us.
There are two factors associated with the Yoga helping in Acid Reflux.
  • It has been proved with studies that Acid Reflux sufferers are under stress, that is a major contributor to their reflexes symptoms.
  • And we all know that Yoga and stress has a very direct relationship as yoga works wonderfully to help relieve the body’s stress response.
So when yoga is practised with Acid Reflux medication and associated Lifestyle changes, it is helpful in controlling and prevention of symptoms related to digestive diseases such as Acid Reflux, GERD or amlapitta.
Yoga helps to reduce body stress, thereby these changes can be seen as
●stimulating lowering of heart rate
●blood pressure
●boosting the respiratory system  as well as
●lowering the formation of stomach acid
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It is helping to alleviate the symptoms of stress and certain special poses are helpful for Gerd.

Poses of Yoga for acid Reflux or Amla Pitta focuses on
●Relieving tension in the neck and spine
●Improves breathing And
●balances the body
These unique poses work on the muscles of the abdomen to boost blood flow there and help in digestion thereby preventing acid formation acidity.
Along with yoga poses, a form of Pranayam that is a practice of controlling our breath can also help to relieve the symptoms of severe Gerd.

12 Yoga poses for Acid Reflux or GERD

Let’s discuss these unique poses one by one

1.  Diamond Pose or Vajrasana or वज्रासन

Vajrasan for Acidity


  • This Aasan is also known as the Diamond posture.
  • It is the simplest but a very effective asana and it can be practised even after eating a meal to boost digestion.
  • In Yoga practice, this posture is used for practising Pranayama and Meditation common
  • It helps to calm the mind
  • And bring relief from constipation Acid Reflux and other stomach ailments.
1.Sit on a flat floor.
2. Fold your legs and tuck your feet under your hips as shown in the figure.
3. Try to keep your spine straight and close your eyes.
4. Breathe normally and keep your palms on your knees.
5. Hold the pose for 4-6 minutes as per your capacity.

2. Plough Pose or Halasana or हलासन

Halasan for Acidity

  • It is also known as plow posture.
  • It improves the flexibility strengthens our spine as well as abdominal muscles.
  • This Asan is also helpful to release stress in the shoulders and back muscle
  1. Lie on your back in shavasan posture joining both legs together and arms keeping on the side.
  2. Taking a normal breath, press the palms on the ground and raise both legs upwards and straight.
  3. Now bend the legs back to touch the ground behind as shown in the picture
  4. Try to hold the posture for 1 minute
  5. Then release slowly and return back to Shavasan.
  6. Repeat the Asana 4-5 times.

3.Camel Pose or Ushtra Aasan or उष्ट्रासन

Ushtrasan for Acidity


  • This asana is also known as camel posture
  • It helps to improve digestion by boosting the abdominal organs.
  • It helps to improve the flexibility of chest, neck, abdomen and also helps to boost blood flow to the pelvic region.

1.Sit on your knees.
2. Bend backwards in this position.
3. Try to hold the right heel with the right hand and the left heel with the left hand as shown in the figure.
4. While doing this stretch your neck and head back as much as you can.
5. Try to push the waiste out to form a “D” with your body. (fig)
6. Try to hold the pose for 15 to 20 seconds.
7. Keep your breathing normally in between.
8. Repeat the pose for 4 to 5 times to get maximum results.

4. Wind Removing Pose or Pawanmuktasana or पवनमुक्तासन

Pawanmuktasan for acidity


  • As the Sanskrit name suggests this Aasan is also known as wind removing posture.
  • It helps to relieve gas or flatulence burping and poor digestion.
  • In this, abdominal organs are massaged gently so why it stimulates bowel movements resulting in relief from all types of gastrointestinal problems including GERD and Amlapitta
1. Lie flat on the floor at your back.
2. Keep the legs straight in starting.
3. Now inhale slowly and bend in the knees to bring them upwards to the chest touching your thighs to your stomach as shown in the figure.
4. Now tightly hug your knees and interlock your fingers try to raise your hand to touch the knee with your nose tip.
6. Don’t Overdo.
Bring the head to your knee up to your capacity don’t overstretch.
In starting there may be a problem to touch but with regular practice, when the body will become flexible it will be easy to touch your nose tip with your knees.
7. Hold the position for 30 to 40 seconds as per your capacity.
8.Repeat the pose for 4 to 5 times

5. Cat Stretch Pose or Marjari Asan or मार्जारी आसन

Marjari Asan for Acidity


A major is the Sanskrit name for a cat, hence it is also known as cat stretch posture.
Friends yoga is so much interlinked, I have already described this asana in the treatment of mid-Back pain yoga.
When we do a series of asanas, the effect on our many systems.
So you can yourself see the importance of yoga in our life.
Performing one asana can be helpful to cure many problems of other systems also.
  • This Asana offers complete stretching for our abdomen and spine.
  • This pose helps to massage digestive organs and boosts blood circulation to bring relief from Gerd or amlapitta.
1. Start on a tabletop position where you are on all your four, both hands and knees, As shown in the figure.
2. Take a deep breath and try to raise your hips up towards the roof and pushing your stomach toward the ground, As shown in the figure.
3. Try to hold for a few seconds
4. Then breathe out drop your chin to your chest as you are your back and relax your buttocks.
5. Try to hold for a few seconds.
6. Repeat 4-5 times.

6. Downward Facing Dog Pose or Adho Mukha than asana or अधोमुख श्वान आसन

Adho Mukh Shwan Asan for Acidity


  • Friends, all the yoga postures are based on some Sanskrit meaningful names so as the name suggests Adho Mukha shvanasana is also known as downward facing dog pose.
  • This is a very useful asan to oxygenate our abdomen, thereby relieving the burning sensation brought on by GERD or Amlapitta.
  • Also, the regular practice of this posture strengthens the back and abdominal muscles
1. Start in a tabletop position where you rest on your both hands and knees.
2. Take a deep breath and gently lift your hips and straighten your elbows and knees upwards so that your body forms an inverted “V” shape as shown in the figure.
3. Press your hands firmly in the ground and stretch your neck and try to look at your navel.
4. Try to hold the pose for a few seconds and release.
5. Repeat it 4-5 Times.

7. Warrior Pose2 or Virbhadra asana 2 or वीरभद्र आसन 2

VirBhadar asan 2 for Acidity


  • This is also known as Warrior Pose
  • It is a very useful and powerful yoga pose for Gerd or Acid Reflux relief.
  • It ensures the proper functioning of the digestive organs by strengthening the digestive system and provide relief to most of the stomach related problems.
1. Stand upright and spread the legs at hip distance apart and arms on your side.
2. Now spread the legs wide apart and turn your right foot outwards and push out the right knee and make a 45-degree angle with your left leg as shown in the figure
3. Try to keep your body centred and bring the arms parallel to the floor stretching wide apart
4. Hold the pose for a few seconds
5. Then repeat on the other side by the same procedure
This is considered as one set. Do at least 4 to 5 sets for better results daily.

8. Half Spinal Twist Pose or Ardha matsyendra asana or अर्धमत्स्येन्द्रासन

Ardh mtsyendar Asan for Acidity


  • It is also known as half spinal twist pose and we have discussed it already in the treatment of yoga for mid back pain.
  • This pose increases the blood circulation in the stomach and flushes out toxins from the digestive system along with relieving hour back pain
  • With this pose, our digestive system get oxygenated and reduces Reflux symptoms
1.Sit straight on the floor with your legs stretched out in front.
2. Now bend the left leg along with left foot touching the right hip
3. Now try to place the right foot next to the left knee by taking it over the knee, resembling the Pose like a half “A”, As shown in the figure.
4. Now twist your neck, shoulder and waist, towards the right and try to look over your right shoulder.
5. Hold the pose for a few seconds
6. Then repeat on the other side
It will be a complete set
7. Practice for 4-5 sets daily

9. Child Pose or Balasan or बालासन

Balasan for acidity


  • As the Sanskrit name suggest this Asan is also known as child posture and we have already discussed in our mid back pain treatment.
  • So you can see friends one yoga posture can work in many ways to benefit us.
  • This is a restorative pose that helps to relax our body to ease out tension.
  • By this asana, abdominal organs and muscles and get strengthened
  • It’s good to bring instant relief from Reflux symptoms.
1.Sit in vajrasana asana
2. Take a deep breath, bend forward and put your torso between your thighs and breathe out.
3. Now settle down on your inner thighs and stretching your arms forward and touching the floor by your forehead as shown in the figure.
4. Close the eyes and focus on your breath.
5. Try to hold the posture as per your capacity.
6. Practice it 4-5 time to get instant relief from acidity or amlapitta or GERD.

10. Forwarding Bend Pose or Paschim uttanasana 

Pashchim Uttan Asan for Acidity


  • This Asan is also known as forwarding bend posture.
  • It is a wonderful yoga asana for good health of abdominal organs.
  • This helps to function the organs properly and treat almost all the digestive problems.
  • Also, it regulates the menstrual cycle and reduces the tummy fat.
1.Sit down on the floor with your legs outward in front of you and hands on the side.
2. Make sure that your stomach area is engaged and spine is straight.
3. Now extend your hands and touch your toes, as shown in the figure.
It may not be able to reach to your toes in starting but with regular practice, you will be able to do it more easily.
4.If you are comfortable to touch the toes, try to hold these.
5. Hold the position for about 4 to 5 minutes, then return back slowly

6.Practise it for 10 to 12 times

It’s a very simple but very effective exercise.

11. Reclining Butterfly Pose or Supta Badhh Kon Aasan or सुप्तब्ध कोणासन

Supta Badhh Kon Aasan or सुप्तब्ध कोणासन for Acidity


  • This is also called reclining butterfly pose.
  • This posture is very effective to cool down our body thus helps to relieve tension and stress thereby reducing the formation of acid.
  • This helps to relieve tension.
  • Keep our abdominal organs in place and function properly.
  • Helps to relieve acid formation problem.
1. Lie down on the floor with your legs extended outwards.
2. Now bend your knees and join the soles of both your feet.
3. Bring the hips close to the pelvic area and try to engage your abs by squeezing them.
4.put The hands on your side with the Palms pressing firmly to the floor as shown in the figure.
5. Hold the position for about 3-4 minutes then return slowly to the original position.
6.Repeat the asana for about four to five times

12. Triangle pose or Trikon Asan or त्रिकोण आसन

Trikon Asan for Acidity


As the name suggests this as an is also called as triangle pose.
It helps to stretch the body along with the strengthening of legs, knees, ankles, arms and chest.
This helps to improve digestion, reduces anxiety, stress, back pain and sciatica.
1. Stands up straight and separate your feet wide apart about 2 to 3 feet.
2. Now turn your right foot out to about 90° and left foot put in by 15 degrees
3. Now try to align the centre of your right heel with the centre of your arch of left foot.
4. Keep in mind that your feet are pressing firmly on the ground and the weight of your body is equally balanced on both feet.
5. Now take a deep breath and as you breathe out, bend your body to the right downward from the hips, keeping your waist straight and allowing your to come up in the air and right hand comes down towards the floor as shown in the figure
6. Keep both arms in a straight line
7. Rest your right right hand on your ankle or the floor outside your right foot as per your capacity.
8. Stretch your left arm towards the roof in line with the top of your shoulder.
9. Try to keep your head in a neutral position or turn it to the left and you look at left palm.
10. Make sure that your body is bent sideways and not in backward or forward position.
11. Stretch at your maximum and try to be steady.
12. As you inhale come up bring your arms down to your sides and straighten feet slowly.
13.Repeat the same process on the other side
This will be one set
14. Practice for 4-5 sets daily.

So, friends, this was all about Yoga postures helpful in the treatment of GERD and Amlapitta. These postures when practiced regularly, along with diet care and lifestyle changes, help to improve from Acid reflux.

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Stay tuned friends.

Practise Yoga Stay Healthy
for any query.

Dr Seema Gupta
Senior Ayurvedic Medical Officer

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